Blizzcon 2010: And Now It's Over!

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Reppin' Polygamerous and Slash 2 at the same time. I apologize for the complete lack of posting during my first Blizzcon. – Actually, well, no I really don’t. I didn’t actually plan on writing anything, because Twitter covered most of my bases, and so this is mostly scattered thoughts.

Day 0 (Thursday)

  • Trying to arrange meetups is fun. So is sprinting to the con in bad shoes to get there before 10pm to get your badge and swag. I don’t know how many of you know Daewin - he’s a pretty tall and broad-shouldered dude. He’s also really fast when he’s bookin’ it.

  • Don’t be me: don’t forget your phone charger. Herp derp.

  • WoW Insider meetup was pretty fun. Got to meet some awesome people, including Fox Van Allen (FIVE NEW BOATS!), who finally got that drink I owed him, and Greg Street, who vanished quickly with his entourage of 1 to go see the Lego dioramas before I could get a picture with him. Speaking of which: LEGO BOOTY BAY. It was fanfriggintastic!

Day 1 (Friday)

  • Some people feel that Metzen’s long “Geek Is” speech was to cover a last-minute removal of the “new MMO” from their opening ceremony because it wasn’t ready. Some people feel that they didn’t have anything new to announce, and that bit was basically to chew up a required amount of time (because let’s face it, as much as I enjoyed it - heck, I recognized every slide - it went on way longer than necessary). I fall into the latter camp. I also feel it was a good reminder that as often as Blizzard announces new things at Blizzcon, Blizzcon isn’t really a PR event like E3 - it’s primarily a celebration of Starcraft/Warcraft/Diablo gamer culture.

  • The Demon Hunter did what nothing else has done so far: get me interested in Diablo III. The presentation afterwards on the design of the Demon Hunter, along with the runes and charms, also pushed me towards playing. I think I’m going to try a Witch Doctor first, making this tweet surprisingly relevant. However, I still didn’t get to actually try the game - the line to try D3 was wrapped double around the Diablo III Demo Area at all times. Seriously, I could’ve gotten in to play Starjeweled three times in the time it would’ve taken me to get to try D3 once.

  • “We could focus on making the numbers look better, or we could fill the screen with zombie bears.”

  • I mentioned this on Twitter, but: I’m the guy who heckled Metzen with “Basic Campfire for Warchief!” in the lore panel. I also immediately got a withering stare from both he and Alex Afrasiabi because everyone in front of me was shorter than me, so it was kind of easy to spot me… but they took it in stride because Metzen is Geeky Henry Rollins.

  • The TNB meetup was that night, and man was it fun. Tons of people turned out! I actually won something (namely an All Things Azeroth prize pack and Turpster’s real ID)! Here’s photos. Got to meet lots of people I’d only interacted with on Twitter, if that, so it was hella enjoyable getting to put a voice and a face with my imaginary friends.

Day 2 (Saturday)

  • I kinda missed the Class (Q)Q&A panel because I slept in late. I blame Saresa; she was counting on her body clock to wake her up, and I was counting on her to wake me up - it worked on day 1 - and, well, we slept in til noon. At least I was well-rested, which came in handy later.

  • Since they didn’t have the size of shirt I wanted, and they didn’t have much of anything else that I wanted, I was forced - forced, I say! - to “settle” for a Taverncraft limited edition Murloc stein (the middle one on the first row of this page). Tell you what - this bad boy is awesome looking (and slightly cheaper since I bought it at the con!).

  • I tried to get into the Lore Zone “gameshow,” but no success. However, I did get juuuuust about every question right (I missed the one about murghouls, I think), so even though I didn’t win fabulous prizes, I still had a great time. Benjamin Brone is a hilarious host (especially with that ridiculous wig).

  • Watched the first portion of the Tenacious D concert. It really emphasized that Tenacious D needs a new album. It was still entertaining, but I wasn’t exactly broken up when we left to go to the pre-screening of The Raid.

  • Speaking of which, we went to the pre-screening of The Raid. It was pretty entertaining, for a short film - and I don’t suppose the fact that Double Dragon is a Hordeside guild hurts their case any with me. ;) The open bar was also nice. Drank probably more than I needed to, as did everyone else, especially Fim. Which was partially my fault. Sorry!

  • Finally got to meet Brigwyn, who is about eight feet tall and funny as hell.

  • Also got to try Vegemite, and loved it. DAMN YOU SARESA

  • Stayed up til about 5:30 chatting, passed out, and…

Day 3 (Sunday)

  • …somehow didn’t have a hangover. Win?

  • Sunday we had a TNB “family” lunch. (The Family? I guess we’re going to make you a podcast that you can’t refuse.) Hydra made a bunch of awesome clocks - fortunate, since I need a clock - and it was really awesome just relaxing and winding down after the nonstop whirlwind that was Thursday through Saturday.

  • I mostly napped.

  • On the way to the airport, I talked to an awesome Hungarian WoW player - I wish I’d thought to get her character name so I could link to her - who managed to convince a gullible player that her Big Blizzard Bear (you know, the one with a murloc waving a big Blizzcon flag) was given to her for killing 50,000 gnomes in open-world PvP then opening a ticket with a GM to ask for it. Reportedly, this guy actually did it. The GM told him that it was past the deadline, unfortunately. Here’s to you, Zsophia (or Zsofia? I never got the spelling); you’re awesome (and it’s not just because you and your boyfriend play Horde - FOR THE HORDE!).

That’s really the highlights I can think of. I’m sure there’s more. I’d love to link to all the people I met, but I don’t think it would be possible to do so without leaving someone out, and I’d hate to leave anyone out, so: if I met you this weekend, it was awesome to do so! And if I didn’t meet you this weekend, sorry! There’s always next year!

Because hells yes I am doing this again.


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