You Say Goodbye (to 3.3.5), and I Say Hello (to 4.0.1)

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Happy patch day, fellow Azerothians! 4.0.1 is upon us, the dawn of a new day full of changed game systems, shortened talent trees, broken addons, and (probably) bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.

Hope you’re prepared for the transition. If you’re feeling out of touch, you might want to check out Jaded Alt’s 4.0.1 survival guides - a compilation to posts about lots of other classes and specs. Of course, the usual suspects like EJ and PlusHeal and Totemspot and Mana Obscura and SP will be there too (and will probably be swamped in the next few days with the people who, somehow, got caught by surprised by 4.0.1).

The servers are down, and we’ve all got some time to burn, so let’s take a drive down memory lane. A lot of things are changing, after all, so it’s the perfect time to get nostalgic. Tell me this in the comments:

  1. What’s one thing, if anything, that you’re going to miss the most from 3.3.5 (and/or older)?

  2. What’s one thing, if anything, that you’re most looking forward to in 4.0.1 (and/or Cataclysm)?

I’ll go first: while I’m going to miss Zul’gurub, I suppose it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for a guild interface that isn’t a complete POS. Also, Earthquake.

What’s yours?


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