The Slime Isn't Flowing

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Really no content here: just a “Putricide down, hooray!” post. I’d put up a screenshot if I had one, but I don’t. I think Nibuca probably does.

You could tell the moment where everything just sort of clicked - people were executing, everything seemed to flow, and I slipped into that little groove where I can let my attention wander to whatever else is going on in the room because I’m tanking on feel or instinct. I like that groove.

Luckily, the click was on attempt 2 or 3 last night, so after we worked on getting cleaner transitions from phase 2 to phase 3 - really the important part - he went down.

…. and then we went over to Blood Queen Lana’thel. Why’s her damn room got to be so far away from the teleporters? WTB elevator to the Sanctum of Blood, pst.


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