Across the Universe(s): Alts on Multiple Servers, Advice Needed.

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universe How many of you have alts that you actively play on multiple servers?

How do you do it?

Right now, I have what I guess you’d consider two “mains:” my DK on Kael’thas, temporarily a human (seriously, the only redeeming feature of the entire race is the reputation boost), and my warlock on Feathermoon, who is now an orc under a different main. I also have a smattering of other alts here and there - a draenei shaman, a dwarf rogue, a human priest who I regret transferring, a gnome mage, a gnome warrior who I also regret transferring, and a dwarf paladin on Kael’thas, a blood elf hunter on Feathermoon, DKs scattered across different servers, and so on and so forth.

Each of the ones who’s actively played also has other people associated with it, and various… well, “responsibilities” is as good a good word as anything for it. My death knight is “responsible” for going insane right now. My warlock, I’m determined to get him to 80 before Cataclysm, but Cataclysm is virtually upon us and my warlock mojo comes and goes, plus he’s supposed to at least be chatting with the lovely Anarkali, so I guess that’s his “responsibility.” My blood elf hunter is still in my old Horde guild on Feathermoon, unless they booted her anyway (the armory doesn’t say so, but it’s been a while since I logged into her). There’s another “responsibility:” I left them suddenly like a thief in the night, which wasn’t really fair to them. Especially since they weren’t the ones I was getting away from.

And then there’s my usual alt-itis. I’ve recently had the itch to roll a druid, despite all the other things I quote-unquote “need” to do in game. My shaman is making puppy eyes and asking to be leveled, and saying hey, maybe you’d like to go back to trying enhancement? And I’m pretty sure my warrior is going to get nuked and rerolled when Cataclysm rolls around, as will my hunter; I’ll need some worgen and goblin classes to level, after all.

I’m just really bad at making balances, I think. And there are many people on each server I have an alt on who’ve basically been asking “where are you?” so I feel guilty for spending time on one server or another. I think I’m starting to realize why I used to keep all my alt-eggs in one server-basket, and sometimes I just want to commit WoW amnesty: just start a new alt on a new server and just start all over. Sometimes I seriously think about mailing all my heirlooms and gold to a single toon and just nuking everyone and starting all over. (sheesh, I sound like Brigwyn and his alt deletions).

What advice do those of you who maintain multiple alts across multiple realms have for me?


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