Chasing Unicorns

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Byaghro calls it the elusive drop. Bre called it the unicorn. I’ve even talked about my unicorns, which is now sadly outdated (though hey, some 70 loot from ZA would probably still be an upgrade for my 71 warlock…). No, my unicorns are multiplying - rapidly - and I’m pretty sure they’re getting harder and harder to catch. Luckily, these days, at least a few of my unicorns just require a little elbow grease to get, so it’s nose-to-grindstone time for me…It's the closest thing to a unicorn I could find: a female tauren. On a zhevra.

  • Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger. As you can see from my armory statistics, I’ve killed Baron Rivendare 42 times. This means I’ve just passed the point where I had a 33% chance of seeing the reins drop at least once. Thus far, I’ve failed that chance. But hey! Only 24 more kills until I’ve had a 50% chance of seeing it at least once! My dedication to this was so great that my DK was the Argent Champion long before there was ever a hint of a tournament.

  • Swift Zulian Tiger. This one has only recently joined the unicorn list thanks to my discovery that with careful tabbing and the occasional Mind Freeze (on what appears to be, on my screen, an invisible castbar…), I can in fact solo High Priest Thekal. Still, it’s on the list.

  • Swift Razzashi Raptor. Luckily, I’m in Zul’gurub quite a lot anyway, trying to get the raptor boss to cough up the goods. He’s an easier fight than usual when you’re solo, if only because he tends to fear you out of his whirlwinds 90% of the time. Not that he’s that hard anyway. Silly Bloodlord. This one means even more to me now that I’m primarily playing Alliance.

  • Bindings of the Windseeker. I’ve only recently discovered that with a minimum of trouble and trash-killing, I can work my way to Garr in 20 or 30 minutes. Unfortunately he has yet to drop the bindings. I have yet to be able to kill Baron Geddon solo, though, to try for the other half. When he’s hellfiring, I take too much damage to Death Strike my way out of; when he’s not hellfiring, he’s shooting me into the air. It’s very annoying.

Oh, and if you believe Rawr, Thunderfury is #12 of the list of off-hand weapons available to me. Don’t think I won’t show up to an instance with it.

  • Insane in the Membrane. This is the king of all unicorns. I initially thought about listing everything separately but let’s face it, that’d just be post-padding fodder. I honestly feel like I’m making some serious progress towards this goal nowadays. Last night I hit Honored with Shen’dralar (only 60 librams to go!), a week ago I hit Honored with Darkmoon Faire (only 1,200 mini-Darkmoon Decks to go!), Ratchet is nearly out of the Hated range and into merely Hostile (only a crapton of Knot Thimblejack rescues to go!), and my baby rogue only needs 42 or so more levels before she can start pick-pocketing the appropriate humanoids for me to get Junkboxes to get exalted with Ravenholdt (only 1,200-something junkboxes to go!). Progress! (Of course, I keep getting distracted by my pesky shaman, who insists on pew pew’ing his way across Outland and AV.)

So there’s my unicorns - what’re yours?


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