Racial Revamps

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http://db.mmo-champion.com/static/img/icons/spell_shadow_charm.pngIt’s no big secret that racial traits and skills are getting a revamp in Cataclysm. We’ve already seen some examples of new talents in recent times, such as the inclusion of Every Man For Himself in the human racials (which I am finding pretty useful, thanks for asking), but for the most part racial skills tend to be rather… well, underwhelming. 5% more damage on Beasts? +1% chance to crit with throwing weapons? 2% frost resistance? Sure, some of them are pretty useful - there’s no denying the usefulness of Blood Fury for DPS or Diplomacy for rep grinds - but for the most part they’re underpowered.

Especially underpowered when you compare them to, say, the proposed list of racial skills for worgen and goblins. Granted, they’re clearly up for change - at this point, what isn’t? - but the sheer usefulness (and number!) of skills for worgen and goblins makes it pretty obvious the other races are going to get a serious rebalancing act. Heck, the goblins are kind of OP at this point… or at least, they have a crapton of utility skills. Check it:


  • Darkflight - instant, 3 minute cooldown - Activate your true form, increasing movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds.

  • Viciousness - passive - Increase damage dealt by 1%.

  • Aberration - passive - 15% reduced duration on Curses and Diseases used against you.

  • Flayer - passive - Skinning skill +15, skinning speed increase, no knife required.

  • Two Forms - instant, 1.5 sec cooldown - Transform into your currently inactive form (human to worgen and back again).


  • Rocket Jump - instant, 2 minute cooldown (shared with Rocket Barrage) - Activate your rocket belt to jump up to 20 yards.

  • Rocket Barrage - instant, 2 minute cooldown (shared with Rocket Jump) - Fire your belt rockets at an enemy within 30 yards.

  • Time is Money - passive - 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

  • Best Deals Anywhere - passive - Always get the best possible discounts, regardless of reputation.

  • Pack Hobgoblin - instant, 30 minute cooldown - Calls in your personal servant, allowing you bank access every 30 minutes.

  • Better Living Through Chemistry - Alchemy skill +15, your potions give more health/mana.

So keeping in mind that these are the new baselines for racial traits, what would you like to see for your race? Let’s hear some wild ideas in the comments.


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