Vanity Pets Are Ruining the Game (Too)

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lilkt For what it’s worth, I originally had a video of Lil’ K.T. zapping Big K.T.’s cat into a block of ice then cackling about it. But guess what scrub left that on his home computer and forgot to edit it and put it on Youtube to make it into a post today? Yep, that’d be me.

So instead, I’ll just quote Palehoof from a post on the forums (via MMO-Champion’s Bluetracker):

Wow has been “ruined” according to people unhappy with one or two aspects of the game since its inception. Since it began, it’s been ruined by rooftop camping, the removal of rooftop camping, the lack of honor, the implementation of honor, the lack of dishonor, the implementation of dishonor, the removal of dishonor, the removal of wall walking, rank rewards, decaying rank, the removal of rank decay, the removal of PVP titles, Ahn’Qiraj, Scourge Invasion, Zul’Gurub, the cost of mounts, the lack of information about TBC, all information released about TBC, playable Blood Elves, playable Draenei, Horde Paladins, Alliance Shamans, flying mounts, the timing of the release of TBC, the cost of flight, Jewelcrafting, the LFG channel, holding people accountable to the Terms of Use, meeting stones, arenas, the number of arena teams one player can have, arena-based gear rewards, the lack of battlegrounds, the addition of battlegrounds, everything about battlegrounds, Illidan being killable, Daily quests, instance-based reputations, the Darkmoon Faire, /pizza, playable wisps, Tinfoil Hat, the Armory, Warden, the lack of information about Wrath, all information about Wrath, a failure to revamp old world areas, the inability to transfer from PVE to PVP servers, hero classes, siege engines, cold weather flying, Wintergrasp being a PVP zone, death knights, the inability to start a new character of any class at 55 or higher, the lack of a dance studio, character recustomization, the inability to change race or faction, the cost of mammoths and motorcycles, the fall damage negation of mammoths and motorcycles, the removal of fall damage negation from mammoths and motorcycles, the ability to transfer from PVE to PVP servers, dual specs, Achievements, holiday events, Mountain Dew Game Fuel, streaming Blizzcon ‘09 on pay per view, the revamping of Onyxia’s Lair, Worgen for the Alliance, Goblins for the Horde, revamped old world areas, the ability to change faction, the ability to change race, new race/class combinations, purchasable vanity pets, as well as weekly maintenance and patches 1.1 through the current one inclusive.

In that time, while WoW was being ruined by all of the above, WoW has quintupled its subscriber base. So don’ t be disappointed if Blizzard doesn’t leap to change whatever you say is killing the game.

That pretty much sums up most of my thoughts on the “ZOMG UR RUININ THE GAEM” mindset. My only other reactions to the whole minipets-for-money fiasco can be summed up as follows.

  1. This is basically the same as paying money for a loot card, only it cuts out the middleman, so it’s kind of got a weird feeling to it - but deep down, I know it’s really not that different. It’s just who I’m buying it from.

  2. I sincerely believe Blizzard knows the line between selling vanity items like minipets and mounts, and selling actual content like impactful loot.

  3. I love Lil’ K.T. to death, and his ability to frostbolt critters to death is fantastic. The Pandaren monk, however, never fails to make me jump like a shot when he starts abruptly making his kung-fu noises in an otherwise-quiet zone.

Keep the comments civil, because I know a lot of people have very strong opinions on this, or I’ll shut them right the heck off.

(pic of Lil’ K.T. courtesy of MMO-Champion, because I forgot to take a screenshot, too. Sighhhhh.)


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