Faction Changing: Some Caveats

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A little backstory: part of the downside of leveling a fresh alt on a brand new realm, new experience or not, is the lack of support. Previously, when I leveled an alt, I could count at least an heirloom or two or three being passed around. When I made Anschlag on Kael’thas, his only real form of support was other people - a couple runes from Lady Jess and a boatload of green stuff for the teens and 20s from Dechion - and as much as I love those guys, I wanted to be able to help myself where necessary. So, since Zulfon was just kind of wasting away over there on Feathermoon, where I didn’t particularly want to raid with her… Well, say hello to Rajaat up there.

Race (troll -> draenei), faction (Horde -> Alliance), sex (female -> male), name (Zulfon -> Rajaat), and server (Feathermoon -> Kael’thas) - I think I pretty much changed everything I could. Oh, and guild too (The Aftermath -> Sidhe Devils). So, here’s a few tips from me to you, just in case you’re thinking about doing the same thing, or something similar, as well as a few things to think about before you switch sides from Alliance to Horde or vice versa.


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