Why I Went Back

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Actually, he's level 12 now.

So, yes, as some of you had surmised correctly from my inclusion of the above picture in my last post, I went back to WoW… sort of. But this time, as a casual player, not a hardcore raider. Why? So I can ruin your game, of course; that’s what all us casual players do. I’d like my free epics now.

… no?

… anyone?

Alright then. Truth be told, I had been doing some thinking since Cataclysm’s plans to renovate Azeroth, and realized that there was basically a whole half of the game I had never* experienced. And while I may not be actively playing like I used to, I still wanted to see at least that half of the storyline. Then I thought to myself, hey, I’ve never rolled a human. So I clicked human. Followed by, hey, I’ve never rolled a mage either. Click. Mage. Now all I need is a name.

And we believe everything we read on the internet, right kids?

And thus Anschlag, human mage, located on Kael’thas so I can harass Jess, Bre, and apparently sometimes Ratters, was born. Voila! See, it’s not that interesting of a story. But so far I’ve been having fun with it, rolling Frost and shooting things with … well, frostbolt spam. I’m really bad at figuring out the range on Frost Nova, and I kinda hate Elwynn Forest now. (I think it was the 8th time I had my face eaten by the same red-leveled bear while I was inside a house that the bear walked past).

So, yeah, on the MMO front I’m dividing my time between that and FFXI, with the result being that I level really, really slowly in both games. I’m also temporarily playing Shaiya (WoW clone hooooooooo!) because there’s two overlapping contests, for reaching levels 5 and 10 respectively, with a chance to win an Alienware 17x laptop (here’s a pic of the specs). Plus all the usual console games, though to be honest everything is taking a back seat because it’s football season! (And the Bengals have already managed to disappoint, but hey, that’s the life of being a Cincinnati fan.)

  • Actually, I have a draenei shaman; he’s level 46, and he’s on Silver Hand. And I leveled him when I had no earthly idea what I was doing, so we’re going to pretend he doesn’t exist.


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