Seventh Son of a Seve—err, Sixth Screenshot of a Sixth Subfolder

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Well, I was tagged by the lovely Miss Siha, and all this nonsense started with Maiara over at Voodoo Ventures. The thing’s simple enough: post the sixth screenshot in the sixth subfolder of your screenshots folder.

Well, hmm, what a dilemma. Only when I got to ‘09 did I think, “I should probably make a subfolder to separate out my screenshots.” So I really only have one subfolder - 2008! So we’ll try this a few different ways and see what comes out of interest, shall we?

Let’s take it from the top - sixth screenshot in my main screenshot folder.


Oh well, hm, just exploring Burning Steppes, that’s not terribly interesting. Let’s try something else - sixth from the bottom, perhaps.


Well, alright, there’s a bit more going on here (and it’s a good look at the minor changes that’ve taken place in my DK’s UI since the beginning of the year), but at the end of the day, it’s just another achievement snapshot. I was relating this in the Blog Azeroth chatroom and Nibuca suggested I pick the sixth non-automatic screenshot. Fantastic! Let’s see what that yields.


Heaven only knows what I was trying to do, but that’s a screenshot of the back of my raid getting ready to go fight Loatheb - or else finishing off the maggots from the gauntlet before Loatheb, it’s hard to say. You can barely see my helmet peeking over the right shoulder of the orc warrior in the foreground of this shot.

Alright, well, that was okay, but let’s try one more. I’ll delve into my 2008 folder of screenshots and see what pops out. What’s the sixth one shown there, you might ask?


Apparently a shot of me flying through Nagrand on my warlock. It’s kind of a nice view! (I’ve always had a soft spot for Nagrand.)

Alright, I’ve done my part. Time for a few more people to pitch in. How about… mmm… the newly-relocated Maerdred, Nightravyn, BBB, Bre, Byaghro, and Eglador?


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