Love Just Isn't in the Air

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So Love is in the Air is over and done with, and once again I’m left with a smattering of the achievements finished but not all of them. If you checked Zulfon’s world events achievements, you’d find they all tell pretty much the same story - 8/12 done in Winter Veil, 7/11 done in the Lunar Festival. 5/12 for Love is in the Air is a new low. I have bits and pieces of others done, but still… Sheesh. Zulfon the Love Fool I’m not, apparently.

I managed to get the ones any dope can do - Sweet Tooth, Nearest and Dearest, Nation of Adoration, Flirt with Disaster - but as for the rest, I simply had astoundingly bad luck.

Don’t get me wrong. I like achievements - they give me a reason to even participate in the world events, something I only did marginally up til this point. But even with taking one day out of this event (I spent Saturday with my girlfriend, completely away from WoW), I never got enough Love Rockets to complete The Rocket’s Pink Glare, I never received anywhere near enough bracelets to finish Heartmender, no one I know got a picnic, and as for me? I didn’t see a single bag of candy for Be Mine.





This is disheartening. For an event this short, most of the people who could legitimately complete it fell into one of two groups:

  1. People who got astoundingly lucky.

  2. People who spent all weekend playing WoW, thus avoiding the real-life holiday it commemorates. Ironic, no?

I don’t even know what the point is here, it’s just… it’s sort of depressing to get screwed by the random number generator like this. Most of the other achievements I’ve missed for reasons I can chalk up to myself - I had no wish to repeatedly run back to Dalaran to get the gnome disguise for With a Little Helper From My Friends, and I hadn’t opened Ogri’la’s questlines; as for the Lunar Festival, I just got tired of running into dungeons I didn’t need. Maybe the titles aren’t just motivation enough. Maybe it’s the fact that no matter what I do, even if I completed everything, I wouldn’t see the violet drake until October 2010 because none of my characters have the Brew of the Month.

It’s just - in general, I feel that achievements should reward the time invested (and, in some cases, putting up with the horrible luck - like six cases of Heartbreak in a row in Undercity), and for the most part, the titles aren’t worth it. The mount’s not worth it. Holidays just aren’t worth it. I understand this probably marks me as a QQer, but you know what? This is my blog, and I’m going to QQ about what I feel is an unfair and arbitrary block from getting admittedly silly titles and achievements - random chance.


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