This Is Where It All Happens

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Inspired by Matticus and Kestrel, I figured I’d shoot up a photo of my workspace. It’s a bit dim, sorry ‘bout that - I had to take it with my cameraphone because I haven’t seen my real camera since I moved in November. (Click to see it full-size!)

The monitors, left to right: the one on the left is connected to the Mac mini that it is sitting on top of. The other two are connected to the PC you can’t see on the bottom right. All three are connected via Synergy and controlled from the keyboard and mouse on the right; the keyboard and mouse on the left are there for when I’m rebooting or in WoW and need to control iTunes, pretty much.

Sitting in front of the Mac are two speakers, a pile of blank CDs, an iPhone dock, and a copy of the Persona 4 soundtrack (Shin Megami Tensei games are my non-WoW weakness). The Mac’s external hard drive is next to the mini. There’s a subwoofer hiding down there somewhere on the lower left. There’s also a tiny plastic Mega Man next to the speakers. See? Lots of junk on my desk.

Special note: next to the black keyboard, on the left, is my n52te; I blame Nibuca for turning me on to the n52 in the first place, and it’s terribly awkward to play without it these days.

The mug is from Graceland, and used to contain coffee; the red plastic cup has gin & tonic in it. This picture is from raid night, after all.

(Not pictured: player; chair.)


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