A Zulfon Progress Update

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A Zulfon progress update.


Level: 79! And 300,000 xp towards 80. Now parked in Sholazar Basin, in the Nesingwary base camp, building up rest of the last mad dash to 80.

Loremaster of Northrend: Have gotten Loremaster achievements for Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Canada Grizzly Hills, and Zul’drak. Started working on Sholazar Basin last night; have a few done in Icecrown due to popping up there to help the Knights of the Ebon Blade find a new home.

Sanity Meter: And yes, because I am insane, my goal is to get the Loremaster title for Zulfon. For those playing along at home, that leaves me to do the following:

  • 73 quests in Sholazar Basin (currently in progress)

  • 100 quests in Storm Peaks (sheesh)

  • 133 quests in Icecrown (5-man quests, here I come)

  • 33 quests in Hellfire Peninsula (won’t be bad unless I end up one away… again)

  • 39 quests in Zangarmarsh (also not bad; I did virtually nothing for the Cenarion Expedition)

  • 34 quests in Terokkar Forest (exactly half)

  • 44 quests in Nagrand (probably end up grinding rep for talbuks anyway)

  • 49 quests in Blade’s Edge Mountains (way less than Queklain has to do)

  • 94 quests in Netherstorm (didn’t do anything outside of Area 52 and Kirin’var Village, so woohoo)

  • 80 quests in Shadowmoon Valley (barely did anything in here at all… plus I can go get a tabard out of it)

  • 542 quests in the entire Eastern Kingdoms (8 quests done here… most of them were for the Argent Dawn, amusingly)

  • And last but not least, 699 quests in Kalimdor (told you I was nuts!)

This basically gives me something to do between completing dailies (done when I first log in) and running heroics (which is what the guild is largely doing now). I have a gear wishlist, which will be part of my “gear for DPS DKs from heroics” post which will be up in the next day or two. It’ll also net cash here and there, probably large chunks towards the World Explorer achievement (close to done with Northrend, at least!) and Ambassador of the Horde achievement.

Those in turn make it easier to accomplish The Argent Champion, The Diplomat, and hopefully a good chunk of the way towards 40 Exalted Reputations. Heck, maybe even Guardian of Cenarius. The humor there doesn’t escape me: a death knight? A walking talking ecological disaster? As a Guardian of Cenarius? Cenarius is rolling in his demigodly grave.

Epic Flying: 1/5 of the way there. Training skills keeps cutting into it (36 gold a pop, sheesh… at least skills from talents are only 1 gold to train new ranks of), so I’m glad that’s almost over with. Finally started turning things over to TSF’s personal financier, Savyne (a.k.a. my bank alt), who’s begun raking in the gold selling the rarities and necessities of life in Northrend. I’ve been having pretty good luck at blue world drops, oddly: got Raine’s Signet of Blasting, Gauntlets of Disembowelment, and Shock-Inducing Girdle while leveling in Northrend, which I think is more than my warlock has gotten, um, ever. None too valuable, but hey, someone found use for them judging by how fast they sold. :)

Annoyance at Blizzard: well, it was high last night at one point. Dear Blizzard quest designers: why does Blood of Mam’toth not have a 100% drop rate for ITS OWN FRIGGING SELF?! Am I pulverizing them into such a fine mist that absolutely nothing is left? If so, why is there any left to loot? Please, won’t someone think of the boars?

Desire to Switch Specs: Growing. Unholy has a lot of neat toys but I don’t especially want to deal with pet management on a melee class. Looking after myself is hard enough, yo. Been thinking of switching back to Frost but I don’t know of any decent Frost DPS specs (though I am off to check Elitist Jerks right after I post this). Links and recommendations welcome!


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