Who Throws a Shoe? I Mean, Really?

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Random Task? is that you?!

And then BA Chat responded thusly:

(11:14:26 AM) ravariaa: hahah

(11:14:32 AM) StoppableForce1: pfffthahahaha

(11:14:51 AM) StoppableForce1: Muntadar al-Zaidi’s a shaman? intriguing

(11:15:02 AM) weedenc: was just thinking that

(11:15:02 AM) TheRatshag: rofl

(11:15:15 AM) StoppableForce1: also, hax: bush is evade bugged

(11:15:16 AM) ravariaa: /giggling

(11:15:18 AM) TheRatshag: didn’t see any totems

(11:15:37 AM) weedenc: he’s a nub

(11:15:45 AM) StoppableForce1: also: apparently Iraq is Thousand Needles

(11:15:47 AM) weedenc: only nubs use the shoe ability

(11:15:50 AM) StoppableForce1: at least, that’s what the minimap looks like

(11:15:54 AM) maerdred: Who throws a shoe? I mean Really? That hurts.

(11:15:54 AM) ravariaa: hehe

(11:16:03 AM) StoppableForce1: why do I know that? augh I spent too long mining tin there

(11:17:31 AM) weedenc: he’s an Orc Shaman too

(11:17:35 AM) StoppableForce1: actually, al-Zaidi is an elemental orc shaman

(11:18:02 AM) weedenc: well, we all need to leave the house more

(11:18:05 AM) StoppableForce1: clearly

(11:18:05 AM) weedenc: this picture proves it

(11:18:21 AM) StoppableForce1: “hey, check out this funny animation” “where are this guy’s totems? l2shaman”

(11:18:57 AM) StoppableForce1: nerf shoe, it has no cooldown

(11:19:28 AM) weedenc: Shoe needs a 6 second cool down so it can’t be spammed

(11:19:55 AM) weedenc: He should have dropped stoneclaw when he got aggro

(11:20:15 AM) weedenc: then he could have stepped back and CL the bunch

(11:20:16 AM) maerdred: I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop….

Ladies and gentlemen, I present these, your bloggers.


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