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  • As you can guess from the previous post, I did in fact finish the Wrathgate chain (at the same time as Might of Dragonblight, much like Fim). That was awesome! I have not, however, done the quest that immediately follows it. So shhh. I know how it goes, though (it’s hard to not get spoilered sometimes).

  • Anna is awesome. And she didn’t even prompt me to say that. She’s my favorite Alliance pet smuggler and cross-faction exploring host. I think I need to show Anna how to get up to the airport one of these days, it’s a great view!

  • This Friday, barring my apartment exploding, I’ll be on the Twisted Nether Blogcast! How, exactly, I’m supposed to follow BRK I’ll never know… but I’ll give it my best shot. You should head over there and email Fim and Bre some questions for me, so it’s not totally awkward… but apparently ViperWatch already, quote, “sent Bre orgasmic” (it’s on the record, listen to the end of the episode with BRK!) when she found out about it. So what can I say? Expectations are high. I’ll answer your questions! But send the questions to them.


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