Wrathin' It Up, and a Hardware Question

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Wrathin’ it up: Queklain has not gotten far past level 70 (in Howling Fjord) (FOR THE FJORD!!), maybe half the bar, because for the most part I’ve been

  1. playing my baby Death Knight, and

  2. moving into my new apartment

The downside of the new apartment thing is that I’ve got no internet access until Friday, thus leaving me Wrathless. Alas!

Hardware question: Right now, my graphics card natively supports dual monitors (both DVI). I think I’d like to upgrade to 3. I’m wondering if the Matrox DualHead2Go would work, because I don’t really want to install a new motherboard, new second graphics card, and so on and so forth. I’m quite content with all the hardware inside my computer, I’m just looking to screw around with the hardware outside my computer. Anyone know?

(This desire to screw with hardware is why I’m also thinking of getting a Belkin n52, after reading Phae’s article. A lot of the shortcomings of my keyboard setup could be fixed by the n52, but I worry I wouldn’t adapt to it and then I’d have an expensive blue glowing paperweight.)


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