(RP) Life, Death, and Rebirth(?)

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“Wake up, zufli.” I had hoped ta never hear dat word again.

I was once one a’ you - a proud member of da Horde. Darkspear by birth, mon, and dey named me Shi when I was a baby. I grew up hearin’ da voices of da spirits. Da Earth, da wind, and da fire. All my life dey spoke to me, and when I came of age, I got a new name. Zulshi.

Yet no matta how strong a troll woman be, when it come to de witch doctors, dere’s still the laughs behind my back. “Zufli,” dey called me when dey thought my ears were too far from dere words. Or “Zuflishi,” mockin’ my very name! A shaman’s ears are never too far, though, and many paid for callin’ me a baby witch.

Da life of a troll is war, mon. My mojo be strong… or it was. Many seasons I fought for da Horde - against da Alliance, against da Burning Crusade, you name it. Best believe I sent many, man and woman alike, to dere graves. And all through dis, the spirits spoke to me; and all through dis, I was still a zufli to many. No more dan a child, dey think. Mebbe it was da rage that kept me fightin’, but whateva’ it was, I met my match in da Plaguelands.

The next thing I rememba’, was not hearin’ da spirits. For da first time in my life, I heard silence. Then I heard dat voice. “Wake up, zufli,” it said. Sometin’ unnatural, dat voice, and it thought it was funny. I did what comes natural, of course - I tried to call on da storm, send a bolt into da speaker… and nothin’. Da spirits had abandoned me.

But death had not. Bad juju, dis fella had - skin like a corpse and eyes like ice. He chilled me to da bone - or woulda, if I could feel cold. All I felt was da rage.

He instructed me, now dat I was dead. Said I was one a’ his Death Knights. At first I rememba’ thinkin’ - do I wanna turn my back on da spirit world? Think, Zulshi! But da spirit world nevah gave me nothin’ but trouble. Trouble and anger. At least I can put dis to constructive use. His words made a lot of sense, it seemed ta me.

He told me I would have my revenge - just a few days now. I like de sound a’ dat. He said I could call ma’self Zulshi again if I want; no one gonna mess wit’ me anymore. But new lives bring new names.

Don’ sleep too soundly, Azeroth. Horde and Alliance alike, Zulfon be comin’ for ya! Each death, each soul will only make me stronga’!

Azzaga choogo zinn!


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