See You on the Other Side!

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That to-do list I made yesterday? It’s amazing how a day can change things, isn’t it?

  • I won’t be getting Scourge Invasion epics for the wonder twins because the Scourge Invasion rather abruptly ended - or rather, stepped up a bit. I kind of felt sorry for Vandersloot; he picked up the quest Light’s Hope Chapel on his pally the day before, but the quest endpoint vanished before he had a chance to get the quest or get any epics for his pally. Alas - but I’m sure I won’t miss it too much at 68.

  • I won’t be doing dailies because I’ll be moving! I don’t think it had hit me exactly how close to Wrath Day we really were.

  • 2 down, 3 to go: I hit exalted with Orgrimmar last night. They join Undercity as a faction I no longer have to grind rep for. I also got my wolves, as well as my Frostwolf Howler, and because of that pesky moving thing, I won’t be getting a PvP mount - as I had hoped to do.

  • On the other hand, I can pretty much put all my marks towards that - I don’t need the spellblade quite so much, because I picked up Wub’s Cursed Hexblade in Z’A last night.

So, yes. A great deal of this is from the unfortunate fact that moving week coincides with Wrath Week (Wrath Day, Wrath Week, they’re both holidays in my book). I doubt I will be seen much on the game itself, though I do have a post to make later (with screenshots) - the lovely Anna - one of them, anyway - took me on a tour of a portion of Elwynn Forest I’d never seen.

Which, in turn, resulted in a short trip to Stormwind to fish up a mud snapper. You wouldn’t think those guards would be so touchy!

TL;DR: I’ll be blogging, but as far as actual playing goes? I’ll see you in Wrath!


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