Wrath: The To-Do List

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Things to do before Wrath:

  1. Dailies, religiously

  2. Scourge Invasion epics for Eladhon and Xajek

  3. Grind Horde city rep with Queklain (no way I’ll hit exalted with all 5 by the 13th, but I can at least get Orgrimmar)

  4. Level Eladhon and Xajek

  5. Nail down a name for my DK and reserve it for good

  6. PVP for any of the following: Merciless Gladiator’s Spellblade, Horn of the Frostwolf Howler, PVP mount (any) (edit: got my howler!)

Things to do before Wrath, in real life:

  1. Pack

  2. Move at least a couple loads of stuff to the new apartment per night

  3. Get an oil change that morning, since I have the day off

I’m not the only one making to-do lists, but mine seems to be shortest. For people with far more drive than me, check out what Anna and Chris are doing, and as long as you’re absorbing things in list form, check out BRK’s Alliance-based top ten reasons for starting in each half of Northrend!


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