Boys and Girls of Every Age, Wouldn't You Like to See Something Strange?

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Come with us and you will see,
this our town of Halloween~


Happy Hallows’ End, everyone! No doubt by now, you’ve been beating the Horseman silly like the loot piñata he truly is this year, trick-or-treating your little hind ends off, and PvPing under the effect of the G.N.E.R.D.S. buff (it’s a slap in the face, apparently!). Here’s your ol’ pal Quek with a few protips for you, if you’re going for Hallowed be Thy Name (and one even if you’re not):

  1. Don’t finish the Tricks and Treats achievements before you finish G.N.E.R.D. Rage! As far as I can tell, the Candy Buckets are the only source of G.N.E.R.D.S., and those delicious little defense boosts expire in 24 hours 14 days (see note). However, if you do accidentally run out of them, no fear - G.N.E.R.D.S. aren’t soulbound, so all you need to do is either run the quest with an alt, or make a new alt that can easily get to the closest candy bucket, and mail them to yourself. On the Horde side this would probably be a blood elf (the trip to Falconwing Square is trivially easy), while the Alliance would probably find it easiest with humans. (Alliance players, feel free to chime in in the comments if there’s anywhere easier for a level 1 to reach besides Goldshire.) Edit: They last 14 days now! So just make sure you do some BGs before Hallows’ End … ends.

  2. Do Tricks and Treats of Azeroth, even if you don’t want the title. There’s no reason not to: it’s free money. 3g 75s a stop, to be exact. That’s 176g 25s for the Horde, 165g for the Alliance, for just a couple hours of flying around.

  3. While we’re on it, do Tricks and Treats of Azeroth with your non-70 alts, or at least as many as you can! They’re definitely a good amount of XP (3000-4000 XP per bucket - per bucket!), and even more if you’ve got a Recruit-a-Friend bonus. Saddle up and get some candy! Yeehaw!

  4. You know those little candies you get? I’m talking Chewy Fel Taffy, Soothing Spearmint Candy, and Pyroblast Cinnamon Balls. Casters, you may want to do your candy bucket raiding the day of a raid, because not only do these buffs stack with food buffs, but they give a stackable buff. You can get up to 20 hit (which I guess works for other classes too) and 68 spellpower on top of whatever boosts you might already be getting, simply by munching 4 taffies, 4 spearmints, and 4 cinnamon balls. If you’ve got any G.N.E.R.D.S. left after doing G.N.E.R.D. rage, those stack too, so tanks might be interested in an extra 20 defense rating.

  5. Don’t despair about A Mask for All Occasions, as it’s going away in patch 3.0.3. Also, go farm that Horseman, as the Squashling and Hallowed Helm are definitely way up this year; I’ve seen at least 4 Squashlings (and won one!), and have seen 3 Helms (and lost all three…), in just 3 days.

  6. If you’re fighting fires in the towns, (1) be sure and pick up the quest from the Matron while you do it - there’s technically two dailies per firefight - and (2) fight the bigger fires first. The fires this year seem to spread really, really quickly, and if you put out the small ‘parts’ of the fire before the bigger ‘parts’, they’ll spread back in about the time it takes you to go get a bucket.

Now get out there, and have yourself a fruitful holiday!


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