Old-school Dungeon Runnin': Stratholme

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Baron Rivendare takes a dive

I’d been after Vandersloot for a while to run Stratholme with me - actually since before the patch, since while Seed of Corruption is great for clearing out rooms, the Voidwalker is not really made for clearing whole rooms of enemies and spell pushback was kind of a pain in my demonically powered neck. However, with 3.0.2 now active, spell pushback is not really a concern for me, and Van is a convert to the way of the Gorilladin. I didn’t have much to do last night after finishing up Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms (well, let me rephrase that: I didn’t feel like doing Outland), and the two of us winged off to Stratholme.

We actually didn’t know the dungeon at all; I was working off a map from Wowwiki, making educated guesses as to where we were going since Cartographer remains 75% borked. Still, we managed to wipe out everything in Live Strat and everything in UD Strat (including rare spawns); the only rough part was Baroness Anastari, who took control of Van, and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I should kill him or what. So he killed me, then she put him in Aspect of the Viper and made him fight his gorilla. He was losing for a while there. Before and after that, not bad.

Oh, and I died on the random bunch of undead after Ramstein because for some reason they all aggroed me from across the room. It was a conga line of carnage! … Luckily, I’d just soulstoned up.

And, as you can see, apparently two overgeared, overleveled, and overpowered characters who have no idea what they’re doing can make the Baron run with a little time to spare. Baron himself was actually kind of a joke. Still, it was hella fun - I got to see a dungeon I never saw before, and got a total of about 6000 more Argent Dawn rep than what’s in that screenshot, mostly from turn-ins and valor tokens. I think we’ll be heading back again.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I got the best trinket ever. DANCE PARTY!


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