Call for Help: Lrn(ing)2tank

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Okay, gang, I have a dilemma.

Right now, as you’ve probably noticed, my background is entirely in DPSing - warlock, hunter, (shadow) priest, and two enhancement shamans. And as anyone who’s hung around on the Blog Azeroth chat can attest to, I am absolutely enamored with Death Knights. And, last but not least, our guild needs tanks. Like, badly.

You can probably see where this is going.

I don’t want to be that idiot Death Knight that gives DKs the same kind of name that huntards give to hunters. (Deathtard?) I want to be able to tank, and I want to be at least good enough to tank a 5 man, and that involves me not being completely unprepared: I need to learn to tank.

Obviously there’s not anything I can be directly pointed to that explains how to tank as a Death Knight, since they’re not widely available yet (or maybe I’m wrong and someone’s got a lot of this info down based on the beta, which is fine as a starting point). But what I need are some of the following - what you, my readers (all 16 of you), would consider good general tanking resources on these subjects:

  • Gearing a tank

  • Keeping people alive

  • Taking it in the face and living

  • Death Knight-specific resources, if they exist

I’ve enjoyed reading Allison Robert’s WI articles on tips for new DKs (part 1, part 2), but some more general articles would be good too.


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