Progress Marches Onward

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Last night was raid night once again; this time, we piled back into Kara and one-by-one knocked down Nightbane, Attumen, and Netherspite. None of them dropped anything I can really use now; some of the stuff wouldn’t be bad (in particular, Nightstaff of the Everliving is a big ol’ chunk of spell damage and Spirit - remember, warlocks have to start caring about Spirit! - post-patch) but I didn’t think to actually check and see what the post-patch stats were until after we’d already left the tower.

Oh well. Kerst claims it’s dropped pretty much every time our guild’s fought Nightbane. Which, of course, means we’ll never see it again. ;)

I did, however, have enough badges after clearing those 3 to get a shiny new toy:

Witch doctor's stick

I may look into socketing in a few more +hit gems after the patch; unfortunately Suppression goes from this (+10% to-hit) to this (+3% to-hit), meaning I go from needing 76 spell hit to be hit capped on bosses to needing 164. Argh.

This is something I definitely need to look into since I’m supposed to go to ZA next Monday, as a couple of our DPSers will be out. My goal is to have as much of my gear as I can get enchanted by then.


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