Recruit-a-Friend; or, How to Use 300% XP Without Really @#$!ing Yourself

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There’s been a lot of discussion about the Recruit-a-Friend program, most of it discussing how it’s a Bad Thing with a capital BT - some people have even called it a game-killer, which strikes me as a bit of hyperbole… but I digress. There’s even a few amusing cautionary tales about it floating around out there, such as running into level 59 ret pallies wearing level 26 pants. Still, the allure of the program is hard to deny, especially when it lets you do things like this:

I’m one of those people. I recruited myself. Eladhon and Xajek receive the 300% xp bonus when grouped together (granted, in a level or two, so would Eladhon and Galehorn), and I can attest to the fact that it is freaking amazing. Here’s the guidelines I set out for myself so that I wouldn’t be that complete gimp when I get to Outland.


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