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… when Wrath comes out?

  1. Death Knight! deathknightdeathknightdeathknight.
  2. Leveling Queklain to 80. I predict this to be a slow and painful process. I don’t intend to respec out of destro to do it, either.
  3. Taking a stab at leveling any of the others to 80. Since 3.0.2 is going to include the xp drops to get from 60-70 as well, I fully expect to have at least a second 70 by the time Wrath drops. Best case scenario, all 4 of my current alts hit 70.
  4. Seeing what kind of new tailoring recipes await me in Northrend.
  5. Taking Eladhon to tame a silithid and a devilsaur, assuming they allow us to have more than one ‘exotic’ pet. (In all likelihood I will be doing this when 3.0.2 drops, not necessarily when Wrath is released.)


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