We're a bunch of idiots

What would you say if I told you, on the last boss of a raid tier, during a progression fight, we:

  1. Had a healer die almost immediately due to talking in /g instead of moving out of the bad
  2. Had people run to the wrong place and thus nearly kill three other raid members
  3. Accidentally messed up a fairly important mechanic and spent the last phase of the fight in one quarter of the room
  4. Spent the entire fight chattering on Vent about songs to use for the kill video for the boss we hadn't downed yet

... and then finished the fight for the first time on that pull?

TTGF: We're a bunch of idiots sometimes, but damn it, we have fun.

(Video and editing by Rades. Grats to our raid team: Protoq, Corvster, Fabulor, Normanitee, Lyon, Krizhek, Nharzul, Sithari, Orkchops, and the unfortunately-absent Tartshapdbox. Onward to heroics!)

Iron Qon: a cautionary tale

This post is dedicated to Murloc the Goldfish.1

So the other day, I decided I was going to do Throne of Thunder's last wing on LFR to try and get my final two Secrets of the Empire. For whatever reason, when I queued, I was in the elemental offspec I had set up for Brawler's Guild due to the way some of the fights are just utterly unforgiving for melee. When the queue popped, I shrugged. So I was still in elemental - maybe not standing right up the boss's hind end would be a novel experience.

yay lightning bolts

Amazingly, I got a 0/3 queue, so I figured, hey, maybe I can get some tier tokens for my main spec! No time to think about that, though - it's time to fight Iron Qon. In case you haven't fought Iron Qon, he rides a series of three Quilen, and each time his spear - which he throws - does something new. On the first boss, it puts lines of fire on the ground. Dodge them, easy-peasy.

raaar Iron Qon

Once you beat his first pet, he mounts a second one up and throws out a bunch of tornadoes! He stuns you a little bit at the beginning, and then most of the tornadoes kinda stick around for the entire fight and seem to chase you around. They'll pick you up and stun you a little bit while they carry you around, then deposit you somewhere at the other end of their path.

I do not fear your spears

His third spear, go figure, sticks with the elemental theme and causes lines of ice to appear on the ground. These cause you to move slower and, as I soon discovered, cast slower as well. If they stack? You get frozen in place.

ugh, slow patches

Well, it turns out that the tornadoes don't care at all if you're frozen - they'll pick you up anyway. What's aggravating is when they pick you up crossing an ice line and carry you to the other end. You still get ice debuffs.


And then if it carries you back again, you still get debuffs.


And it keeps going.





Although, eventually, I found out you will, in fact, stop.

a sad end

Postscript: This story does have a happy ending; while I didn't get any tier tokens, I did get a ring for my elemental spec, 1 secret from Lei Shen, and 1 secret when we downed Durumu on normal that night. Victory!

1. Right after we cleared all the trash before Iron Qon, the warrior tank goes "brb, fish died, kid crying." And we all kind of shuffle our feet and make some jokes about stuff and have a /dance party and, you know, all the stuff a good-natured LFR does when waiting on a tank to return.

So the tank comes back and he's like "Well, the kid's pretty upset." And we all make some sympathetic noises, and then he goes "So, let's kill this guy in the name of Murloc the Goldfish (seriously)."

Lots of /y FOR MURLOC! and then we killed Iron Qon.

Well, I say "we" but, well, you saw what happened to me.

All quiet on the Pandaren front

So, what've I been up to, besides not blogging?

  • As I alluded to several posts ago we finished out T14, and we've been working on T15... sort of. One of our on-again off-again raiders is off-again because he's been super-busy in real life; another quit WoW cold turkey to pursue his life's dream, which involved a move to New York; a third had his computer blow up and while he's reinstalled WoW, he hasn't been on, and I'm sort of worried he's quitting. So yeah, we've been getting crit by the attendance bug pretty heavily. A couple new people have stepped up, but gearing has to take place, and I hate to say this, but LFR is a really shitty way to gear new people, and the valor cap doesn't help. Regardless, we're still raiding.
  • Banging head against Horridon. We got him down once, and then seemingly he's gone back to being The Immovable Object. In LFR, people still haven't figured out QUIT STANDING IN SHIT; in normal, well, this is one of those fights that's harder on 10-man by far. That's really all I have to say about that.
  • Sort of been gearing my monk again. I am a little disappointed that fistweaving has basically been nerfed into the ground by the untenable mana cost of Jab, but I am still more comfortable doing 'actual healing' on my monk than on my shaman. I don't get it either. As an aside, my monk came into possession of two sha-touched weapons in the time it took my shaman, my ostensible main, to get one. One's even normal-mode, so he's technically doing better than Haloraka.
  • Putting Blingtron in places people can't easily reach.

just sittin' on the ledge

  • Also, speaking to the power of work orders: my monk went from Neutral to Exalted with the Dominance Offensive through story quests, work orders, and doing dailies exactly twice. Oh, and a lot of cringing over the repeated misspelling of red blossom "leaks." Blizzard? Do you need a copyeditor? I'm happy to apply.

Light, tunnel, etc.

This time, it was so long between posts that I forgot how to operate Octopress. This is a bad trend; time to nip it in the bud.

What's new?

  • I'm a troll now.

you come get da voodoo

Partly for the aesthetics and partly for the crazy burst DPS.

next time, Corv. NEXT TIME.

  • I've finished up several of the Pandaria reputations. It's kind of amazing how much time some of those dailies took up. But now that I'm down to basically August Celestials and Dominance Offensive (and, uh, I guess the Anglers, but I'm not really working on them because I hate fishing) I'm left with lots of free time to do things like solo old raids and pet battle. I've put up a page about my enhancement soloing efforts, in fact!

  • TTGF is now 6/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults and 2/6 in Heart of Fear; we're supposed to start working on Garalon tonight. I'm partly looking forward to it and partly thinking back to the first time I saw this fight. (What Rades didn't tell you is that I'm one of the sad melee dead in those piles of pheromones.)

We're also looking for some consistent DPSers, preferably ranged; Monday/Wednesday nights, 10pm EST/7pm PST.

  • Still don't have a Sha-touched weapon. 11 Empress kills, used a coin on every single one, no weapon. Next time I go to Heart of Fear I'm just taking a knife and cutting her damn hand off.

look, ma, dragon

First blood

So sorry I've been absent, my lovelies, but let's face it - the gearing up process is really, really boring, and anything I could write about how to properly perform as a ret or holy paladin in a raid, Kurn and Antigen have already covered in-depth better than I ever could.

So instead I'll just note that last night BLU, fresh off a learning attempt two weeks ago and a bunch of gearing up, swaggered back into Blackwing Descent and showed Magmaw what-for.

Photo is courtesy of Ratshag; I left my screenshot at home today, sadly. Click to embiggen. Fun facts: you can slow-fall and then swim through the lava to those stairs on the other side of Magmaw's pit. Also, Magmaw's head falls into the lava below him and just kinda sits there when he dies.

We also went and punched Argaloth to death, just so he didn't think he was safe on account of not hanging out with Nefarian.

And last but not least, this one's for Falren: look, Quek is 81! And here you didn't believe Vander when he told you I was leveling him again.

Alive and well


Waiting to exhale (fire)

Things have been rather quiet on the home front lately. Stuff has been happening, but the blogosphere seems to be collectively holding their breath for the world to end. I've been taking advantage of the time to level Bishamel - remember the CYOA paladin no one cared about? Well, he's ret now, blasting his way through enemies 10 levels over him, soloing instances, and generally just being enjoyable.

Malacrass is decked out in just enough gear to probably go into Hyjal and only replace half of it. I might try and get him a pair of i213+ leggings just to finish up Epic, but it's not a priority. Seriously, it's the only reason to do so.

Builders League United

We've been pulling in a few more people here and there, including a few known bloggers. Most importantly, however, we're roughly a week away from finalizing our raid days. The time, at least, is set: 8-11pm EST. Now to just pick between three sets of days: Sunday/Tuesday, Sunday/Thursday (my current favorite), and Friday/Saturday (which means I can't raid with my own guild).

Decisions, decisions.

Also, we have a tabard, six bank tabs, and are friendly. Don't all guilds have to say that nowadays? You'd think so from Guild Recruitment...

Running rampant through the hallowed Core

Last night, on a whim, I decided to rush up my Thorium Brotherhood reputation. This took all of a few hours, maybe 2-3 tops. Felt like I spent more time at the Auction House than actually questing.


So after robbing the Dark Irons of pillows and face-punching incendosaurs, I was left with nothing to do but go to the Molten Core. So I figured... why not? Worst case scenario, I continue to wipe on Gehennas like usual, settle for downing Garr and Geddon in hopes of finding the bindings, and go home with some rep items for the Brotherhood. Instead, I managed to down Gehennas (take that, longtime enemy), along with the rest of the Core up until Ragnaros - I had an unlucky positioning problem and went splat on the knockback, and by then it was approaching 2:30 in the morning.

Got my Sulfuron Ingot - hello, Sulfuron Hammer plans - and a few other goodies, including the formula for +30 spellpower to a weapon which works on heirlooms.

By fire be purged, indeed.

Good news, everyone! I've fixed the broken achievement!

You heard that in Professor Putricide's voice. Or Professor Farnsworth's. Either is okay.

The latest build in the beta no longer includes The Shen'dralar in the requirements for Insane in the Membrane. If that's the case, and it stays that way, then I really just need Darkmoon and the goblins and I'm done. That's refreshing, though it sucks for people who did do the Shen'dralar grind (and money sink) - hopefully they'll get their own separate feat of strength.

Update: this is confirmed, and they will add something for Shen'dralar grinders.


Mounts, loopholes, BLU, and a CYOA update

Choose-your-own-adventure update

Bishamel has hit 18 and is paused there briefly while I do some other things. I'll do a full update at 20. Suffice to say that prot paladinning is awesome, and holy crap does HoR do some serious damage at that level. I pull crap in the Ghostlands with it and it's half dead almost immediately.

Mounts from Zul'Gurub

ZulianTigerValnoth confirmed yesterday that Zul'Gurub is gone as a raid instance in Cataclysm. This makes me sad - I love Zul'Gurub, and not just because of the mounts I can't get to drop! - but if you want something from there, better get to farmin'. ZG's lockout resets every 3 days, so you can be in there pretty often compared to other raids. Keep in mind it's not just mounts - you'll probably also want to get The Deadliest Catch by fishing up Gahz'ranka and Hero of the Zandalar Tribe by grinding to exalted with the Zandalar Tribe while you're at it. (Full clears of Zul'Gurub - even ones where you don't kill much of the trash - yield a few thousand rep. You'll also want to kill trash for coins and bijous. Zandalar Tribe is super-easy to grind to exalted these days.)

So yeah, this is your last shot at the Swift Zulian Tiger (and its achievement) and the Swift Razzashi Raptor (also with an achievement). I ran a full solo clear last night. I've also decided to keep a small collection of Zul'Gurub weapons - so many of the items in there are absolutely awesome looking, and so many of the designs and models weren't re-used (or were re-used in Outland).

Who's ready to start farming?!

Builders League United

My guild, <Builders League United> (or BLU for short) has a few new people in it. It's kind of comforting, having the general chatter of a small friendly guild again. If you're interested in seeing what we're about, and possibly raiding with a small-schedule 10-man Horde-side raiding guild in Cataclysm, I highly recommend checking our site, especially the BLU policies and "What is BLU?" pages. We totally have a bank tab and a tabard, just like those other guys in the Guild Recruitment channel.

Loopholes for silly pirates

So it turns out that those of us working on Insane in the Membrane and trying to grind up our goblin rep after sacrificing it in the name of pirate rep have a small loophole I just now got around to finding - we are not stuck solely freeing Knot Thimblejack or grinding on endless pirates and nomads. After some careful (fingers-crossed, bated breath) experimentation last night, I found that - barring the repeatable "reconciliation turn-in quests" that were made solely to raise goblin rep with one city and lower Bloodsail Buccaneer rep - it seems like as long as Booty Bay isn't the primary rep recipient, you can safely do quests for Gadgetzan, Ratchet, and Everlook questgivers without lowering your pirate reputation (and earning spillover reputation with all the goblin cities, as well). The best part about this is that since I chose to get IitM on my death knight, he's done basically none of the goblin quests scattered throughout old-world Azeroth. Time to see the sights before the sights go away, and work on my title!

A touch of burnout

/laughThat goofy looking orange-mohawked troll is Zabrajin, my troll shaman, and right now leveling him the rest of the way to 80 is the only thing I really want to do in World of Warcraft.

Which puts me in a bit of a bind, since technically I'm still an officer member of a 25-man raiding guild on the Alliance side on my Death Knight, but I can't raid 25s because they're on the weekend, I can't really raid 10s for two more weeks because I'm going to be working basically until raid start time (and after that I'm going to want to fall over dead into bed, and the raids are a bit too late for that), and frankly the idea of logging in to throw myself at Arthas in 10s during the week kind of makes me want to not log in at all.

Hence why I put myself as tentative for the next two weeks of raids. I even feel bad about doing that; Caffeine has had a bit of a top-level shakeup lately, and I can't help but feel I'm somewhat abandoning the new GM and other officers... but I can't even bring myself to log in.

This weekend, for instance, I:

  • went to a used bookstore (and bought $36 worth of paperbacks)

  • played Persona 3 Portable, Dragon Quest IX, and Team Fortress 2

  • watched Warehouse 13 (thank God it's back)

  • thought about logging into WoW, then didn't

I didn't really get that end-of-expansion burnout thing at the end of TBC, but by God, I'm feeling it now.

Defile is the opposite of love


Phase 1: Got this down to a science by the end of the night.

Transition Phase 1: Also went well. Watching people get flung off by Ice Spheres during one of our wipes cracked me up, though.

Phase 2: Well, we've got the next few weeks to work on this. Our raid lockout is being extended until the Lich King is dead. Don't expect much interesting out of me in the meantime.