You say goodbye (to 3.3.5), and I say hello (to 4.0.1)

Happy patch day, fellow Azerothians! 4.0.1 is upon us, the dawn of a new day full of changed game systems, shortened talent trees, broken addons, and (probably) bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.

Hope you're prepared for the transition. If you're feeling out of touch, you might want to check out Jaded Alt's 4.0.1 survival guides - a compilation to posts about lots of other classes and specs. Of course, the usual suspects like EJ and PlusHeal and Totemspot and Mana Obscura and SP will be there too (and will probably be swamped in the next few days with the people who, somehow, got caught by surprised by 4.0.1).

The servers are down, and we've all got some time to burn, so let's take a drive down memory lane. A lot of things are changing, after all, so it's the perfect time to get nostalgic. Tell me this in the comments:

  1. What's one thing, if anything, that you're going to miss the most from 3.3.5 (and/or older)?

  2. What's one thing, if anything, that you're most looking forward to in 4.0.1 (and/or Cataclysm)?

I'll go first: while I'm going to miss Zul'gurub, I suppose it's a worthwhile tradeoff for a guild interface that isn't a complete POS. Also, Earthquake.

What's yours?

A touch of burnout

/laughThat goofy looking orange-mohawked troll is Zabrajin, my troll shaman, and right now leveling him the rest of the way to 80 is the only thing I really want to do in World of Warcraft.

Which puts me in a bit of a bind, since technically I'm still an officer member of a 25-man raiding guild on the Alliance side on my Death Knight, but I can't raid 25s because they're on the weekend, I can't really raid 10s for two more weeks because I'm going to be working basically until raid start time (and after that I'm going to want to fall over dead into bed, and the raids are a bit too late for that), and frankly the idea of logging in to throw myself at Arthas in 10s during the week kind of makes me want to not log in at all.

Hence why I put myself as tentative for the next two weeks of raids. I even feel bad about doing that; Caffeine has had a bit of a top-level shakeup lately, and I can't help but feel I'm somewhat abandoning the new GM and other officers... but I can't even bring myself to log in.

This weekend, for instance, I:

  • went to a used bookstore (and bought $36 worth of paperbacks)

  • played Persona 3 Portable, Dragon Quest IX, and Team Fortress 2

  • watched Warehouse 13 (thank God it's back)

  • thought about logging into WoW, then didn't

I didn't really get that end-of-expansion burnout thing at the end of TBC, but by God, I'm feeling it now.

Small pieces (of posts), loosely joined (into one post)

Not posting doesn't mean I don't love you guys, it just means I don't have a whole lot to say at the moment. Let's summarize, shall we?


Progress in ICC continues apace; we steadily progress every week in 10-man, making it to either Valithria, Sindragosa, or the Lich King himself on night 1. Caffeine can easily field two 10-man teams during the week (truthfully, I bet we could do 3, but 2 is working for now), with my tank being able to attend one. My rogue has now poked his nose into ICC as well, showing up in an alt and "leftovers" run on Sunday night. Assassination is still fun - I have a weird love for daggers - but I think I need to keep toying with my spec some more. And the spreadsheets! Oh, how I love the spreadsheets. My raid leader pointed me at these when I was griping about my low DPS.

Anyway, ICC. ICC-10 is almost through the Lich King (it'll only be a week or two more til one of our teams gets him down, I figure), ICC-25 is working on stuff as well, though sadly I can't attend the 25-man raids most weeks due to the raids being on Friday and Saturday, which are designated for spending time with my girlfriend when she's not busy studying for the Praxis II. I'm signed up for this weekend's, though, so maybe I'll get Festergut's blood and finish off Shadow's Edge. That's right - after four weeks of buying absolutely nothing but the necessities, I have 25 Primordial Saronites. Well, four weeks of nothing but necessities, plus I bought several with Frost emblems, plus Thalois was nice enough to just give me one (thanks Thal!).

Honestly, there's not a lot more to say. I have been noticing an influx of new DK tanks, though, and I'm going to recommend you go to Pwnwear and check out the contest and forums - especially the forums! - there. It'll set you on the right track to redeeming our class-wide reputation again. :)


Still enjoying my tenure in Caffeine. I was asked to become an officer a week or so ago, and so I did. Huzzah! Looking forward to helping the guild move forward through Wrath and beyond. :) Also hoping our next tabard design has a muffin on it. If I win, you've all been warned.


Yeah, that's right, I do non-WoW stuff. Sometimes I even blog about it. Sometimes I blog about it on other blogs. Surprise!

  • I've been playing a few games here and there, including 3D Dot Game Heroes and Super Street Fighter IV. I've come to the conclusion I really need to invest in a good fightstick for SSFIV.

  • I actually have two other blogs, sort of. If you need your daily fix of my non-WoW stuff, check out Midboss (which could be nearly anything) and iDevice (which is about my iPad, which is on the truck for delivery as I write this. Glee!). Oh, and I write - sometimes - for Polygamerous, which you should really check out. Mostly the Morning Quickies segment. I'm not on the podcast, though, but that's probably for the best because I don't talk much when I'm on podcasts unless I'm one-on-one, as anyone who heard me on the Twisted Nether roundtables can attest.

  • I'm also shopping for a couch. It doesn't get more exciting than that, loyal readers.