tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:/posts The Stoppable Force 2014-04-09T17:22:05Z tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/674631 2014-04-08T14:57:34Z 2014-04-09T17:22:05Z DK defensive stats in 6.0 I don't have any relevant photos for "talking mostly to myself about tanking stats," so have a picture of my tiny undead cat, Ras Frostwhisker.

Obviously DKs are losing dodge and parry as stats on gear, just like everyone else. In return all the formerly 'offensive' stats will have a defensive value. We're also getting a new one, bonus armor. But what do the others do (right now, in the first draft of the alpha, all things subject to change, warranty not included, void where prohibited)?

  • Armor: Does what it says on the tin. The devs are "looking into giving this an offensive value for tanks" but nothing specific yet.
  • Mastery: Mastery: Bloody Shields. Pretty much exactly like the live version, it creates shields. It also gives 1% attack power for 1% mastery. Sadly it will be harder to strictly stack mastery in 6.0 with the loss of reforging and paring down of gems and enchants, but them's the breaks.
  • Readiness: Readiness: Blood. Lowers the cooldown of Anti-magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, Dancing Rune Weapon, Vampiric Blood, Bone Shield, and - my favorite - Outbreak. This list is not final.
  • Crit: Riposte. The Mists version was not exactly compelling - useless defensively, basically there to prop up our flagging DPS. In Warlords, getting a crit with auto-attacks or Rune Strike gives a 100% chance to Parry until you've parried an attack (stacks to two).
  • Haste: Haste will continue to increase rune regen rate, as usual, allowing for more Death Strikes and Rune Taps. It will also increase our attack speed marginally, which ties in nicely with...
  • Multistrike: The redesigned Scent of Blood procs off of autoattack multistrikes; presumably to make up for the fact we'll be seeing a lot less of it (or not seeing it at all early on), it yields an additional 20 Runic Power per stack instead of 10.
tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/668305 2014-03-27T15:00:56Z 2014-03-27T15:00:57Z I'm not saying it was trolls, but, it was trolls

me: really hope the lady troll model update fixes the fact that they clearly have no idea how to hold a frickin' sword

jibbi: or have more than 3 polygons in their feet.

me: my fingers are 1 polygon apiece, no wonder I can't hold anything

jibbi: 10 bucks says we still dont blink

me: blinking is for amateurs

me: at this point I halfway want them to write a canon reason that lady trolls don't blink. (second protective invisible eyelid)

jibbi: to fight weeping angels

me: we're the only reason Azeroth isn't overrun yet. good job, team

jibbi: our males are also good at fighting medusas, they are below the line of their gaze

me: for added defense they hunch over and stare at the ground, it's foolproof really

jibbi: no one knows it but the trolls are the entire reason the whole planet has not been turned to stone

me: trolls, azeroth's secret saviors

cory: I'm sure the Titans planned it that way.


tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/667861 2014-03-26T16:12:47Z 2014-03-26T16:14:21Z 10 points The end of an expansion always seem to be when I find myself faffing about completing achievements, sometimes ones that have lain half-finished for years.


In the course of working on The Cataclysmic Gourmet and Cataclysmically Delicious (both still in progress), I ended up getting 200 recipes.

Onward to Ironpaw Chef, I guess!

Fish tales

I also did a lot of fishing. A lot more than usual, anyway (where "the usual" is "none").

lot of fishing.

I even fished up Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box, netting the pet on the first try. 

Proving yourself

On my DK, I also knocked out Proving Grounds (tanking) Bronze, Silver, and Gold. I hadn't actually tried the tank ones before, as my DK had only been in there to do the bronze and silver DPS ones so that I could get You're Doing It Wrong. I haven't tried the endless tank challenge yet, but I did not find endless damage especially compelling or fun, so I don't have high hopes for endless tank.

But hey, at least I'm ready for heroics in Warlords.

Missed it by that much

I've also started working on Shadowmourne again. It's been interesting - I've been working on it on and off since ICC was actually current content - I tanked with Shadow's Edge for most of the tier, in fact - but since we never did 25s, I was never able to get past Unholy Infusion, and it sort of slipped to the back of my mind. (It didn't help that somewhere in faction and server transfers my progress got reset back to reaping souls again, but at least it's 50 instead of 1000 now - you can get 47 before you get to Marrowgar if you kill everything.)

After a mishap where I pulled in a friend and then couldn't get Unholy Infusion to work (I had managed to forget I was on 10-player, not 25-player, whoops), I then tried to get Blood Infusion done and... messed that up too. It's so finicky! And the mechanics for who she bites first don't seem to work the same anymore; I was second on threat but she definitely bit the blood mirror off-tank instead. Oh well.

But that's still in progress, and then it's just a matter of farming. I also need to get back to farming Molten Core, as I have a Sulfuron Hammer just sitting around taking up space...

Low-hanging fruit

  • Serious Skills to Pay the Bills. Fishing 600. Cooking 600. First Aid 600. Archaeology 209. That's an afternoon's worth of work, tops.
  • The Limnologist. I just need two, and one of them is a Fangtooth Herring, which is as simple as going out to Howling Fjord to fish one up. Unfortunately, the other is a Goldenscale Vendorfish, which can be fished approximately anywhere in Outland at a very crappy catch rate. Lots of folks have reported luck with Steam Pump Flotsam, Brackish Mixed Schools, or Highland Mixed Schools - no dice here. (That's actually how I caught Mister Pinchy - trying to get a Goldenscale Vendorfish). I've been doing the cooking dailies in Shattrath for The Rokk, though, as there's a 4% chance of a Goldenscale Vendorfish in his Barrel of Fish, and that's confirmed to count as fishing one up.
  • Now I Am the Master.  Just requires persistence, that's all. Nomi's on dried needle mushrooms for another couple days or so.
  • 45 Exalted Reputations. Zulfon's revered with a lot of factions. One of them is the Black Prince, so that's 44. After that, I guess I can start knocking out old Outland reps...
  • Rookie Pet Mob and Pro Pet Mob. 24 pets away and 23 pets away, respectively. Probably among the more achievable pet battle achievements; I'd like to get the Safari achievements too, but the idea of camping for the Minfernal and the Baby Ape kind of make me want to stab my eyes out.
  • Raiding With Leashes II: Attunement Edition. Just two to go: the Netherspace Abyssal and Coilfang Strider. Naturally, the two most annoying ones ... I'm more likely to buy these if I see a good deal on them, honestly. At least you can skip straight to Lady Vashj, and I don't have any problems soloing her... but soloing Chess to get to Prince is never fun.

Keeping busy

There's never really a shortage of small goals for me to work on... but this morning, while tending to Sunsong Ranch, I found myself thinking, I really wish this was my Garrison instead. It's hard for me to admit but this drought of Warlords news is driving me nuts.

I don't know why there's been a communication breakdown (the double-digit-length infodump turned into a very vague post about stats and a less vague post about healing and ... that's it?) but for an info junkie like me, this is hell. It's probably a good thing I have achievements to keep me occupied.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/667112 2014-03-24T15:00:43Z 2014-03-24T15:00:43Z /played This weekend, Cynwise posted his list of alts organized by /played. I was curious, so I went to find out my own /played, and then since I'm a nerd I made it into a spreadsheet and then a chart.


  • This shook out more or less exactly how I thought it would. My time in Wrath was the longest time I played overall (missing only the Trial of the Crusader patch), and I've continued to spend a lot of time on Zulfon at the end of expansions.
  • Outside of that, my other mains continue to have the largest chunks of time spent on them: my shaman (Mists) and warlock (BC) are both way up there. 
  • My paladin and monk are at almost the same /played, and are in the same situation: I mained them at the beginning of an expansion then stopped for one reason or another (the paladin because I quit playing for the first third of Cata, the monk because I didn't like healing and Windwalker was undertuned at the time).
  • The only reason my priest has as large a chunk of time as he does is that he was my Herald of the Titans alt. On the other hand, I don't know why my mage has as much /played as she does: she was a scroll of resurrection alt.
  • Every alt except my banker has at least 1 day of play time. (My banker isn't on this chart. His sliver was nearly invisible.)
tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/658617 2014-02-27T05:44:07Z 2014-02-27T05:44:19Z Dark Shaman transmog: it DOES exist! After weeks, nay, months of Dark Shaman kills without a single drop of the Dark Shaman transmog armor for any of our three shamans in our raid, it finally dropped - for yours truly.

Lodur is so jealous right now.

I need to find some new fist weapons, though...

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656549 2013-12-19T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T06:22:13Z Money for nothing* and your bags for free *Disclaimer: no money is actually provided with this post.

If you're like me or, even worse, like Rades, with an addiction to transmog and possibly with multiple sets of gear, you know bag space is at a premium in World of Warcraft. There's even more issues if you're leveling an alt: odds are good you probably didn't do much beyond buy four Netherweave Bags on their way from 1-90. (I'm guessing this is a the story for a lot of people, since Netherweave Bags tend to sell in fours.) Maybe your pockets are overflowing with toys and you're gritting your teeth waiting on that toy collection window in Warlords of Draenor - but who knows how far off that is?

So what's a space-pressed collector to do? You could shell out money or 12 days worth of cooldowns for Royal Satchels (and, eventually, that's what you probably should do), but you need to put stuff somewhere now and maybe you don't have a lot of gold or a lot of cloth (or access to a tailor). For now, we've got 11 bag slots to fill, so let's maximize them -- without spending any gold.

(Note: unless mentioned, all of these bags are unique. The Grummlepack actually isn't, but you don't have the opportunity to pick up more than 1 since it's a quest reward, so it may as well be.)

24 Slot Bags

  • Grummlepack. You get one of these while questing through Kun-Lai, and you don't have to do that much in the zone - finish enough quests in Binan Village that you get sent to your faction's camp (Eastwind Rest or Westwind Rest), then finish the quests there so that you get Lorewalker Cho's missive to go to Onekeg. You don't actually need to do any of the quests in Onekeg, you just need to escort the grummles to Burlap Waystation and then help them out there. The quest that actually rewards this free-of-charge 24-slot bag is No Pack Left Behind.
  • Tattered Hexcloth Bag. This is a reward from The Hex Lord's Fetish, available inside Zul'aman from Witch Doctor T'wansi. If you're not a great soloer or aren't very geared, you may want to get a friend - the 85 Zul'roics are pretty easy for folks in Throne of Thunder or later gear, but you might struggle if you're still wearing quest greens or just don't have a lot of survivability tools.
  • Kor'kron Supply Satchel. Be prepared to grind a lot; this bag first appeared during the Darkspear Revolutionary war effort weekly quest, but even in 5.4 it still drops from workers in the Barrens.

22 Slot Bags

  • Dragon Hide Bag. Black dragons have this weird fetish for carrying around bags made of their own hide, and Sartharion is no exception. (Or else we're all secretly very fast bagmakers.) The Dragon Hide Bag drops on 10 and 25-person difficulty of the Obsidian Sanctum; if you're geared, you can probably take out the trash and then bumrush Sartharion to earn yourself a mount too. If not, you may want to take it slow and steady.
  • Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack. See? Dragons, man. As you can probably guess from the name, the Enlarged Onyxia Hide Backpack drops from Onyxia, on 10 or 25, and if you're farming the mount like a lot of people are, you'll probably run across this eventually.
  • Papa's Brand New Bag. This is one of two bags dropped by Bronjahm, the first boss of Forge of Souls, on both difficulties. Neither one is a guaranteed drop, and the 22-slot is much rarer, but since it can drop on normal and he doesn't take that long to get to, it's pretty easy to farm.

20 Slot Bags

  • Papa's New Bag. Much like Papa's Brand New Bag, Papa's New Bag drops from Bronjahm on both difficulties. It's a much more common drop.
  • Pit Lord's Satchel. Dropped by Magtheridon in Magtheridon's Lair (of course) in Hellfire Peninsula. He's easy enough to kill these days, even in greens and a smattering of Timeless Isle gear, by ignoring all the mechanics and just burning him down.
  • Sun Touched Satchel. Any of the trash in Magister's Terrace, on normal or heroic, can drop this. It's a pretty rare drop rate, but it does give you an excuse to punch all the trash in the face instead of skipping it.

18 Slot Bags

  • Halaani Bag. It's technically free: it doesn't cost you any money. It does, however, cost you 8 Halaa Research Tokens, which requires 80 Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample, which drop from anything in Nagrand. Oh, and your faction has to control Halaa.
  • Jack-o'-Lantern. Okay, now we're really stretching. These only drop during Hallow's Eve, and can drop from seemingly anything over level 60. On the plus side... they're not unique? I usually find about 1 per year while going about my business, but farming these during the holiday sounds like a recipe for madness.

16 Slot Bags

  • Seriously, you should probably just buy Netherweave Bags if you get to this point. But don't say I never did anything for you; you can actually pick up two bags for the mere cost of 50 honor apiece from the Alterac Valley quartermaster in the Arathi Highlands, Gnoll Skin Bandolier and the Harpy Hide Quiver. There's a catch though: these are only available to the Alliance. (Obvious Blizzard Alliance bias, grumble grumble.)
  • For the cost of a single Darkmoon Ticket, even the Faire can net you a Darkmoon Storage Box.
  • Additionally, for each city reputation you get to revered (that's Orgrimmar, Darkspear Trolls, Bilgewater Cartel, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, Huojin Pandaren, and Silvermoon City for the Horde; Stormwind, Ironforge, Gilneas, Gnomeregan, Darnassus, Tushui Pandaren, and Exodar for the Alliance), you can buy a 16-slot bag (for example, Silvermoon Satchel) from the vendors who sell you tabards for each city - for the whopping cost of 2 gold minus faction discount. Not free, but close enough.
tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656547 2013-11-27T16:56:00Z 2014-02-20T06:31:34Z An axe by any other name chops as many heads Now that the dust from Blizzcon and the announcement of Warlords of Draenor has settled, Blizzard has posted a clarification of the gearing changes in Warlords of Draenor raids.

Most of the changes are nicely summarized by a post on Wowhead, but the part I'd like to look at is this:

However, our current thought it to keep primary stats on weapons so that they continue to feel iconic and special. Many of the items will have Stamina as well.

Iconic? Special? I just want a new weapon.

First off, the "iconic" and "special" tags are already out the window because melee continues to be the only case where this artificial divide exists. For casters, there's already no concept of a "shaman weapon" or a "priest weapon" apart from the weapon type - it's all Intellect all the way down.

Secondly, melee classes and (I think) hunters are highly dependent on weapons. For casters, yeah, they're nice, but wands and staves and what have you are stat-sticks. Tanks can use them to generate more threat and that's always great. Melee and hunters need weapons to do their job. The problem is, the artificial divide between Agility weapons and Strength weapons isn't iconic: it's a pain in the ass.

Unfortunately, this isn't perfect: it doesn't help non-Combat rogues, who depend on dagger drops, and hunters, who depend on ranged weapons.

But let's look at Siege of Orgrimmar.

Siege of Orgrimmar

Now, I cannot tell a lie: I got extremely lucky in Siege and scored two two weapons at once very early in the raid tier. This is the only time this has happened in the history of the raid. And it's a damn good thing too, because we haven't seen a single one-handed agility weapon since.

Considering this raid has 14 bosses in a row, you'd think the weapon distribution would be a little less awful.

  • Siege of Orgrimmar contains five one-handed non-dagger agility weapons (1 sword, 2 axes, 1 mace, 1 fist weapon), which drop from the 2nd, 6th, 10th, 13th, and 14th bosses.
  • It also contains four agility non-bow two-handed weapons (2 staves, 2 polearms, from the 1st, 9th, and 14th bosses).
  • Siege of Orgrimmar contains five one-handed strength weapons (1 axe, 1 mace, 3 swords, from the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 14th bosses), plus 2 of which are unarguably for tanks.
  • It also contains five two-handed strength weapons (2 axes, 1 mace, 1 polearm, 1 sword, from the 4th, 8th, 11th, and 14th bosses).

This situation can create a weapon scarcity problem if your raid has issues with bosses: for instance, if you were still progressing on Nazgrim, that means your ret paladin was getting a mere one chance to upgrade his weapon, since he can't use the Immerseus polearm; similarly, bear tanks and cat druids better hope your raid moves fast or their drop luck is good, because their only shot at a weapon before Malkorok is from the very first boss.

Wouldn't it just make more sense to get rid of some of these divides? We're already going to see a little more competition for armor - I personally believe a little more competition for weapons while doing away with this divide would be a huge boon in the end.

The new weapon paradigm; Or, we're getting rid of int plate and int mail, so let's finish the job.

My advice: drop the silly insistence on artificially dividing melee weapons by agility versus strength. Either apply the same switching technology as armor, or let weapons just add attack power.

Instead of a weapon situation that looks like this:

Weapon Type Classes
Agility 1H Axe/Mace Rogues, Monks, Shamans
Agility 1H Sword Rogues, Monks
Agility Fist Weapon Rogues, Monks, Shamans
Agility 2H Mace Druids
Agility Polearm/Staff Druids, Monks
Strength 1H Axe/Mace/Sword Warriors, Death Knights
Strength 2H Axe/Mace/Sword Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins
Strength Polearm Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins

You end up with something more like this.

Weapon Type Classes
1H Axe/Mace Rogues, Monks, Shamans, Warriors, Death Knights
1H Sword Rogues, Monks, Warriors, Death Knights
2H Axe/Sword Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins
2H Mace Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins, Druids
Polearm Warriors, Death Knights, Paladins, Druids, Monks
Staff Warriors, Druids, Monks
Fist Weapon Rogues, Monks, Shamans, Warriors

There's also still opportunities to designate tank weapons, especially if this system was adopted. Want to indicate a weapon is specifically meant for tanks? Use Bonus Armor! (Been a while since that stat was around.) Right now, a Strength polearm with Bonus Armor on it basically says "Blood Death Knight weapon" - but a changeable Agi/Str or AP Polearm with Bonus Armor could be for bears, blood DKs, or brewmaster monks.

Plus warriors could potentially use fist weapons again! I know a few of you wouldn't mind that!

Weapons are an important part of a class, it's true. Especially melee DPS, whose ability to actually do their damn job depends on melee weapons. Losing this silly artificial divide between Agility and Strength is the right thing to do, as it lets previously-narrow weapons get into more classes' hands.

And if there's anything I'm all about, it's more weapons for more people.

EDIT: Matt Rossi suggests abolishing daggers, the odd man out for melee. Of course, with primary stat switching, TK points out casters and rogues could share daggers. (Potentially maces, staves, and swords.) Certainly something to think about.

The real downside to this is that we'd have no way to prevent Fabulor from needing on everything for transmog. ;)

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656545 2013-11-07T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T06:17:53Z Gamon turns to the dark side So here's a fun trick to do in Siege of Orgrimmar.

After killing Dark Shamans, start clearing their trash. Kill the pack of Kor'kron Shadowmages just above the entrance of Ragefire Chasm, then dismiss pets and have everyone jump down and enter the Ragefire portion of the raid while sending one person back to free Gamon. They, too, should then jump down and enter RFC.

You'll notice Gamon's usual routine - he talks about cleaving orc skulls, then yells "I, Gamon, will save us!" And then, we guess, he engages the pack of mobs at the bottom of the ramp, including the Doom Lord. For the rest of the time he's alive, Gamon will now speak Demonic.

As a side note, this makes the achievement Gamon Will Save Us! extremely, extremely easy - because unless you take an extraordinarily long time pulling Nazgrim, Gamon gets locked out of the fight. He'll stand around outside the gate and yell a bit, but he shouldn't take damage from anything but War Song - and maybe not even that, I'm not sure.

I really did mean it when I said "for the rest of the time he's alive," by the way. Should you succeed and down Nazgrim while Gamon's alive, Gamon will run into the room and deliver his post-fight speech in Demonic.

This bug has appeared a few times before - if Imperial Vizier Zor'lok mind-controls a warlock, he will occasionally yell his dialogue for that spell in Demonic - but this is the first time it's been quite so persistent, or quite so hilarious. Gamon will save us all with his newfound demonic power.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656511 2013-09-09T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:31:31Z The F is For Family So I realized recently that when 5.4 comes out, this will be the first time that:

  1. I’ve been playing WoW for the entirety of an expansion with no breaks
  2. I’ve been in the same guild for an entire expansion

Those two things are related.

My guild history has been a little rocky, to say the least; after leaving my very first guild for a guild that offered me a raid spot, I ended up going from guild to guild, watching things explode. In one, we absorbed another raiding guild only for them to poach 90% of our members and leave to form a 25s guild; in another, the guild leader had some kind of conniption fit and I got the joy of logging in each day to watch friends get kicked and badmouthed behind their back. I tried running my own guild for a while but I am so not cut out for that shit. I think the only two guilds that didn’t blow up were my very first guild (still going strong) and Jed’s guild (which is on the emptiest server ever, not a faction I enjoy playing, and did I mention it’s on the emptiest server ever). Each time I lost my guild, I lost interest in WoW; this is why I missed all of tier 9, the end of tier 10, pre-nerf tier 11 and most of tier 12, and so on.


In late Cataclysm, I reached out to a pretty popular blogger because I found myself interacting with several of his guild members on Twitter, and wondered about joining their guild. I even filled out the application - it’s still sitting on the forums, totally unresponded to, amusingly. TTGF is pretty laid back about formality, and I think Rades was slightly concerned the guild’s laid back nature and, um, let’s say brash chat at times might offend me in some fashion, but unbeknownst to him I’d actually already migrated all my (max-level) alts to Drenden. SURPRISE, I’M ON YOUR SERVER, PUT ME IN YOUR GUILD. So one thing led to another and I subbed into some late Dragon Soul runs, and I went from pretty shitty (I was horribly out of practice) to only kinda shitty, and then Mists of Pandaria came out and hey, what role did I want to play in the upcoming raid team?


TTGF isn’t the biggest guild, or the most active guild, and sometimes we’re pretty bad at this game. The laid back, almost structureless nature of the guild could be pretty offputting to people who need that kind of officer-raider-member structure to make it through the day. But it’s almost exactly what I would’ve done if I’d had my head on straight when I made a guild, and somehow it still works. Occasionally we have to fight the attendance boss, but we’ve beaten each raid tier this expansion in time to nail the Ahead of the Curve achievements (usually with plenty of weeks to spare), and even tackled a heroic boss (the fickle nature of our roster unfortunately foiled attempts at more, as well as the fact that apparently EVERYONE had things going on at the end of August/beginning of September, including me).

So I guess I just wrote a bunch of words to say thanks to my guild for giving me a bunch of good reasons to stick around the game, a bunch of inside jokes that no one understands (BWALO), and a bunch of dead bosses. Here’s to many more.


tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656513 2013-08-22T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:31:52Z The leatherworker’s lament and while were at it why cant we make backpacks
Source: Wikipedia

In 5.2, every one of the Big Three armor-making professions - leatherworking, tailoring, and blacksmithing - got a daily cooldown. (Well, to be fair, tailoring didn’t get a new cooldown; this was just added to the pre-existing Imperial Cloth cooldown.) This daily cooldown would also teach you one of two things - an i458 PvP pattern, or an i522 crafting pattern. What you learn is random.

Seems fine - maybe a month or so of effort and you’ll know everything, right?

Profession Materials required for daily Specs/types serviced Potential pool of recipes
Blacksmithing 10 Ghost Iron Bars 7 (prot paladin, holy paladin, prot warrior, blood DK, frost/unholy DK, arms/fury warrior, ret paladin) 38 (the link displays slightly more, but the 12 weapons are not part of the random learning pool)
Tailoring 8 Bolts of Windwool Cloth (40 cloth) 4 (holy/disc priest, shadow priest, mage, warlock) 40
Leatherworking 20 Exotic Leather OR 20 Prismatic Scales (shared cooldown) 9 (feral/guardian druid, balance druid, resto druid, brewmaster/windwalker monk, mistweaver monk, hunter, resto shaman, enhancement shaman, elemental shaman) 82

Eighty. Fucking. Two.

I try to keep my profanity for things that are important, dear reader, and this is one of them. See, I had a brief glimmer of hope in 5.2 when they introduced two separate cooldowns for 5.2’s recipe list - Magnificence of Scales uses the far rarer Prismatic Scales, as opposed to Magnificence of Leather, which it shares a cooldown with. I hoped that perhaps Magnificence of Scales would teach you mail patterns, and Magnificence of Leather a leather pattern, cutting that pool of potential recipes – well, not quite in half, but for those of us digging for mail patterns it would make it a heck of a lot more convenient. But… no. Hopes dashed.

Patch 5.4 is bringing a bunch of new recipes for most professions (including a bunch of cool minor glyphs - I really need four minor glyphs slots at this rate - and the long-delayed engineering patterns, finally). When I saw the boatload of PvP patterns (blue i476 pieces), I wasn’t too initially worried, because I assumed they would replace the ones we knew, much like what happened to the craftable PvP gear in Cataclysm. And then…

If anyone would know, it’s Kalliope.

So what’s the situation look like for 5.4’s new crafting items?

Profession Materials required for daily Potential pool of recipes
Blacksmithing 1 Trillium Bar OR 1 Trillium Bar + 1 Spirit of War (bypasses cooldown) 41 (the increase appears to come from 3 craftable shields)
Tailoring 10 Windwool Bolts (50 cloth) OR 10 Windwool Bolts (50 cloth) + 1 Spirit of War (bypasses cooldown) 40
Leatherworking 2 Magnificent Hide (100 leather OR 40 leather + 2 days) OR 2 Magnificent Hide (100 leather OR 40 leather + 2 days) + 1 Spirit of War (bypasses cooldown) 82

Blacksmithing’s pool of potential recipes increased slightly, but the materials are a measly trillium bar. That’s basically Sunsong Ranch’s output if you plant Snakeroot. Hell, sometimes you can get multiple bars per day.

Tailoring has the same pool of random recipes, but their material costs increased slightly (10 bolts vs. 8). The upside is it appears you don’t have to be anywhere in particular to create Celestial Cloth.

Leatherworking, on the other hand, has the same pool of recipes (eighty-fucking-two), and our cooldown requires either 2 days of materials to do a single daily (if you want to save on materials) or 100 leather. This just gets more and more unreasonable. Frankly, I consider it lucky that Blizzard only has one set of PvP gear for brewmasters and windwalkers, as well as a single set for ferals and guardians, or that’d be another 10 pieces right there.

This is just getting silly, though. Leatherworking needs some serious addressing if this is the road they plan to go down in the future.

Possible solutions

Splitting leatherworking into two professions. This is the messiest of all possible solutions, but I know I, for one, would gladly take mailworking and leave the leatherworking to people who really need it, like our recipe-collecting guardian tank. Or, heck, I could level it on my rogue, who has no professions at the moment. But this would force people to choose, and I can see where that wouldn’t be fun.

Bring back specializations. Leather Specialist vs. Mail Specialist. This doesn’t void people’s work up to this point, and has the advantage that down the road you could switch if necessary without, again, invalidating your work to this point. The problem is that the idea of recipes you can’t get at all makes a completionist’s eye start twitching, and while I’m certainly not a leatherworking completionist, I know one and I can imagine how he’d feel.

Separate dailies. When the Magnificence recipes first appeared on the PTR, immediate speculation was that MoScales would teach mail recipes, while MoLeather would teach leather recipes. This turned out not to be the case, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be the case in the future. This is probably the best option overall - let me learn all my mail recipes first, then I’ll get to leather afterwards. There is literally no downside to this other than the perceived rarity of Mists’ scales vs. leather - and really, I just need to farm more turtles instead of mushan and goats. Not a huge deal.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656509 2013-08-19T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:32:46Z Guess I got some work to do only one race left for classy

blargh its pandaren rogue and mage

oh wait I have a mage

and a rogue

For you, TTGF, I will level two characters I really don’t like that much to 90. I promise. Cynwise did his part, after all. (Welcome back, Cynwise.)

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656512 2013-07-17T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:32:30Z An ugly hat aficionado I build more transmogs around helmets than almost anything else. I rarely, if ever, hide my helmet, so I like to have something that’s visually interesting, even if it’s maybe a little bit ugly. Therefore it was absolutely perfect when I came into possession of a Faceguard of the All-Consuming Maw recently. From the moment I saw the hat that looks like a cross between a zergling’s face and a dead dinosaur, I knew one thing: I was going to have to mog around this hat.

and so I did

Item List

View the entire item list on Wowhead, including weapon suggestions.


Changes for other classes

Nothing here is faction-specific (the two quest reward pieces are both from neutral quests), but if you wanted to wear this as a warrior or a paladin, the pieces you’d have to swap out are the head, chest, hands, and waist.

  • Head: Crown of the Golden Golem (Throne of Thunder LFR, from Dark Animus) is identical! This is the only really easy replacement, unfortunately.
  • Chest: There are several lookalikes in terms of model - all from ICC heroic bosses - but ironically all of them are the wrong color. You can honestly wear whatever you want as long as it’s a dark color - 90% of your chestpiece is covered by the tabard. In an earlier iteration I was using Goblin Treat Tin, and no one could tell how badly mismatched it is. If you really want to match, you can get the awesomely-named Chestplate of Violent Detonation (Throne of Thunder LFR, from Jin’rokh the Breaker) or the Rot-Proof Greatplate (Throne of Thunder LFR, from Megaera), but I really don’t think it’s necessary. As I said - thanks to the tabard, you can just get “close enough” with the chestplate.
  • Hands: There is unfortunately no lookalike for these that isn’t death knight specific. You might try other Throne of Thunder LFR pieces that visually match the Helm of the Golden Golem - those would be Pathogenic Gauntlets from Primordius and Rein-Binder’s Fists from Iron Qon.
  • Waist: The neat thing about Acherus Knight’s Girdle is that it is unique: it is an invisible, transmog-able belt. I don’t even know what mogging belts is like anymore. ;) For those of you who aren’t that lucky, your best bet is to either try to match the helmet (although that belt is a little freaky looking), or go with a “micro-belt” - pencil thin belts, conveniently available in purple and green.
  • BONUS: Back: If you can’t get anyone to do Heroic Rhyolith with you, the Mantle of Doubt from Elemental Bonds: The Vow has all the same colors, but in a different shape, as does the Sleek Flamewrath Cloak sold by Naresir Stormfury at Friendly with Avengers of Hyjal (the Firelands raid rep).


tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656505 2013-07-10T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:35:19Z We’re a bunch of idiots What would you say if I told you, on the last boss of a raid tier, during a progression fight, we:

  1. Had a healer die almost immediately due to talking in /g instead of moving out of the bad
  2. Had people run to the wrong place and thus nearly kill three other raid members
  3. Accidentally messed up a fairly important mechanic and spent the last phase of the fight in one quarter of the room
  4. Spent the entire fight chattering on Vent about songs to use for the kill video for the boss we hadn’t downed yet

… and then finished the fight for the first time on that pull?

TTGF: We’re a bunch of idiots sometimes, but damn it, we have fun.

(Video and editing by Rades. Grats to our raid team: Protoq, Corvster, Fabulor, Normanitee, Lyon, Krizhek, Nharzul, Sithari, Orkchops, and the unfortunately-absent Tartshapdbox. Onward to heroics!)

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656504 2013-06-12T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:35:34Z Iron Qon: a cautionary tale This post is dedicated to Murloc the Goldfish.1

So the other day, I decided I was going to do Throne of Thunder’s last wing on LFR to try and get my final two Secrets of the Empire. For whatever reason, when I queued, I was in the elemental offspec I had set up for Brawler’s Guild due to the way some of the fights are just utterly unforgiving for melee. When the queue popped, I shrugged. So I was still in elemental - maybe not standing right up the boss’s hind end would be a novel experience.

yay lightning bolts

Amazingly, I got a 0/3 queue, so I figured, hey, maybe I can get some tier tokens for my main spec! No time to think about that, though - it’s time to fight Iron Qon. In case you haven’t fought Iron Qon, he rides a series of three Quilen, and each time his spear - which he throws - does something new. On the first boss, it puts lines of fire on the ground. Dodge them, easy-peasy.

raaar Iron Qon

Once you beat his first pet, he mounts a second one up and throws out a bunch of tornadoes! He stuns you a little bit at the beginning, and then most of the tornadoes kinda stick around for the entire fight and seem to chase you around. They’ll pick you up and stun you a little bit while they carry you around, then deposit you somewhere at the other end of their path.

I do not fear your spears

His third spear, go figure, sticks with the elemental theme and causes lines of ice to appear on the ground. These cause you to move slower and, as I soon discovered, cast slower as well. If they stack? You get frozen in place.

ugh slow patches

Well, it turns out that the tornadoes don’t care at all if you’re frozen - they’ll pick you up anyway. What’s aggravating is when they pick you up crossing an ice line and carry you to the other end. You still get ice debuffs.


And then if it carries you back again, you still get debuffs.


And it keeps going.





Although, eventually, I found out you will, in fact, stop.

a sad end

Postscript: This story does have a happy ending; while I didn’t get any tier tokens, I did get a ring for my elemental spec, 1 secret from Lei Shen, and 1 secret when we downed Durumu on normal that night. Victory!

1. Right after we cleared all the trash before Iron Qon, the warrior tank goes “brb, fish died, kid crying.” And we all kind of shuffle our feet and make some jokes about stuff and have a /dance party and, you know, all the stuff a good-natured LFR does when waiting on a tank to return.

So the tank comes back and he’s like “Well, the kid’s pretty upset.” And we all make some sympathetic noises, and then he goes “So, let’s kill this guy in the name of Murloc the Goldfish (seriously).”

Lots of /y FOR MURLOC! and then we killed Iron Qon.

Well, I say “we” but, well, you saw what happened to me.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656502 2013-05-20T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:36:36Z Day 7: Pet battle mods (This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 7: Do you use mods? If you could only have one pet mod, what would it be and why?

The most crucial one I use is definitely PetBattle Teams, as I mentioned in the previous post. I have a ton of teams - one for leveling in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, a different one for the Valley of the Four Winds (which I usually spend some time battling in on leveling alts), one for each trainer I bother to beat repeatedly (Aki, Nishi, the two Pandaren Spirit tamers I haven’t gotten a pet from yet), a couple PvP teams, and a dedicated low-level capture team headed by my Terrible Turnip. If I could only have one, this is it.

Of course, it’s not like I use a whole bunch of them; I tried ones like WoWkemon and found them to mostly be gimmicky - the kind of thing that’s cute once but not worth keeping around. So the only other one I still use is BattlePetCount. I like the way it displays the quantity and quality of pets I already own, especially via mousing over the minimap icon.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656503 2013-05-20T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:36:20Z Patch 5.3, Reader’s Digest Edition Sometimes you just don’t have time to keep up with the ever-evolving world of the PTR, especially in this brave new era of superfast Blizzard content patches. So here’s a rundown of some good stuff in 5.3, just in case you haven’t been consuming the news like a voracious whale shark.

Let’s get this out of the way first

This is not the Raid on Orgrimmar patch. This does build up to it in terms of story, though. Org raid is planned for 5.4. Also, if you’re looking for specific class notes, you should check the official patch notes. This is more of a high-level, non-specific overview.

Also, if you’re looking for a summary of the PvP changes, I’ll try my best but I make no promises. I don’t PvP unless I have to.

Battlefield: Barrens

The big centerpiece of 5.3 is an experiment in new content that isn’t dailies (finally). Battlefield: Barrens is a wide-open set of quests where you work with your faction and Vol’jin to either undermine Garrosh or help the Horde tear itself apart. Working with them yields new titles, “Darkspear Revolutionary” for the Horde and the fairly badass “the Hordebreaker” for Alliance.

To get started, you’ll want to talk to Lorewalker Cho at the Seat of Knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms; in case you’ve never managed to find it, it’s directly above the entrance of Mogu’shan Palace, which is between the two shrines. This will lead you back to the old world to do some questing - the Horde will survive a Kor’kron assault and retake Razor Hill for the trolls, while the Alliance will hook up with SI:7 to do some scouting and sabotage, before both sides convene again just outside Razor Hill.

Eventually, you’ll circle back around to Pandaria again, to meet up with Seer Hao Pham Roo, culminating in some i502 boots.

NOTE: I have seen one source say that the Barrens are perma-flagged while you’re in that zone at 85+; however, I have not seen this anywhere else, including in the patch notes, and I’m willing to chalk it up to the fact that on the PTR, the PvE and PvP realms are cross-realm zoned together until I see it live.

Heroic Scenarios

Heroic Scenarios are a new option for better loot and a lot of valor. Six scenarios (right now; more could be added later) are in the heroic scenario set, which you must group for with a group of three - no random people on this one - because it’s more suited for a coordinated group. It also has a minimum item level of 480.

In exchange for more stringent requirements and higher difficulty - you won’t be able to just run in guns a-blazin’ for the most part - this new difficulty level offers additional valor for completing bonus objectives, as well as an item chest that has a chance to drop item level 516 loot - better than Raid Finder.

The six scenarios, if you were wondering, are all of the new ones in 5.3 - Battle of the High Seas, Blood in the Snow, Dark Heart of Pandaria, and The Secrets of Ragefire - as well as two older ones, Crypt of Forgotten Kings and A Brewing Storm. If you want to think of it another way: queueing for Heroic Scenarios means, at least for now, you won’t get Theramore. For some of us, this is the most important point of all.

The slightly more alt-friendly pieces

  • Leveling from 85 to 90 now requires approximately 33% less XP.
  • There’s a one-time quest at the shrine related to heroic scenarios; completing it gives you a loot chest with a guaranteed i516 item in it. You’ve also got a chance at an i516 piece per day from the loot chest from heroic scenarios before it reverts to the regular chest containing i450-i476 loot.
  • Battlefield: Barrens, mentioned above, gives you i502 boots just for completing its full questline. On top of that, you also have the ability to pick up an i489 piece of gear per week, which have the appearance of old dungeon sets - for death knights, it’s a recolor of the set they have when leaving the starting zone; for monks, it’s a recolor of a leveling set.
  • Challenge modes also have a chance at i516 loot now once per day (it comes from the challenge mode daily).
  • Shado-pan Assault gear is shuffling slightly - belts are now available at Friendly, chest pieces at Honored.
  • The “A Test of Valor” quest from Wrathion now requires only 3000 VP instead of 6000. Who am I kidding - this is probably a boon for some mains, much less alts.
  • The upgraded heirloom items now cost 60% less JP, HP, and/or Darkmoon Faire tickets.
  • Level 80 gear vendors were added to Hyjal (Iris Moonweaver) and Vashj’ir (Erunak Stonespeaker) NPCs to allow characters to more easily quality for the item levels for Blackrock Caverns and Throne of the Tides.
  • You can now choose a spec to receive gear for in LFR, bonus rolls, and Pandaria quest rewards. Doing so will allow you to play in one spec and gear for another one.
  • Herbalists and miners can now pick herbs and mine nodes in Pandaria from skill level 1. Doing so will yield bits of herbs and ore that you can combine into the real thing, somewhat like how skinners have always had scraps that can be combined into leather.
  • You can do dailies for the Shado-pan and August Celestials immediately - you don’t have to deal with the Golden Lotus ever again. Finally.

Voidbinders return

The voidbinders, better known as the item upgrade guys, are back in the capital cities and shrines where their holographic projections have been. There have been some changes to their services, most notably the prices.

  • Upgrading an item upgradeable by Valor now costs 250 VP for 4 item levels, upgradeable twice - for a total cost of 500 VP to gain 8 item levels.
  • Upgrading an item upgradeable by Justice now costs 750 JP for 8 item levels, upgradeable once, and is probably still a big waste of points compared to just converting to Honor and buying 476 pieces.
  • Malevolent Gladiator’s Conquest (season 12) and Dreadful Gladiator’s Honor (season 12) items can be upgraded at their original prices.
  • No gear from season 13 can be upgraded.

More things to do for Wrathion

For once you don’t have to collect little orange bits; instead, Wrathion is going to send you to do a quest, which involves overcoming one of the Celestials’ challenges - there’s one for tanks, one for healers, one for ranged DPS (possibly just caster DPS - unconfirmed), and one for melee (and possibly hunters) - which will net you an item level 600 cloak.

A vague attempt at PvP notes

New battleground: Deepwind Gorge. Fight over mines, get the Gorgeous title for achievements.

Everyone now has a base resilience of 65%. There was already a fairly extensive Blizzard post on gear in PvP.

Battle pets!

Finally, I get around to the most important system in the game.

  • New pets have been added to the Throne of Thunder and the Isle of Thunder, as a reward for PvP pet battling, and to BC raids.
  • The base chance to miss at the same level was basically removed. Congrats, your pets are hit-capped. In return, a bunch of the very basic abilities do bonus damage but have slightly reduced accuracy. Hit chance is, accordingly, displayed for all abilities.
  • Those carp from fishing are now tradeable.
  • The Etheral Soul-Trade is his regular size again, thank goodness. Now I can continue to bring him out in leveling dungeons and confuse people. Y CANT I SELL TO THIS GUY?????????
  • All pet battle quests reward experience. This includes the dailies. The dailies on Pandaria also offer lesser charms and valor now. There’s also a weekly quest for PvP pet battles.
  • Bad luck streak protection has been added for battle-stones from pet supply bags and wild battles; each time you don’t get a stone, you have a progressively better chance of doing so next time.

The two most important changes in the patch

  1. Bad luck streak protection was added to bonus rolls. Each time a bonus roll gives you a fail bag, you have a progressively larger chance of getting loot next time around.
  2. You can transmog gear from your bank and void storage now without pulling those items out of the bank (and without using addons for this functionality).
tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656501 2013-05-08T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:36:47Z Codex of Power Word: Dinosaur On spellbooks

Back in the day, spells used to have ranks. This is pretty common knowledge. What might not be as well known ias that you used to have to depend on drops to get some of those ranks - for instance, priest (prior to 2.0) needed to get a Codex of Greater Heal V from the bosses in AQ20 to learn Greater Heal (Rank 5). This method always seemed kind of silly to me, and it slowly went the way of the dodo with patch 2.0.1 (which put many or all of these kinds of spells on the trainers) and; in 4.0.1, these items became useless, grey-quality items - they still drop occasionally, and they’re fairly valuable greys, but they’re worthless all the same.

Yet the concept of the spellbook lives on, although mostly for mages. Mages are able to learn several alternate versions of their spells through items they can buy - for instance, Tome of Dalaran Brilliance and Tome of Polymorph: Black Cat. (Fun fact: despite the fact you can no longer buff pets, Dalaran Brilliance still causes the Kirin Tor symbol to appear over the heads of pets in your party or raid.) Some of these are even more than reskins - ask anyone who’s been trolled by the portal to Ancient Dalaran, aka “high in the air over Dalaran Crater.” MAGES. That one in particular requires a little adventuring - you can get the teleport version after beating and looting Flameweaver Koegler in Scarlet Halls without letting him burn the books, although it may require a certain level to click the book (But at least you can do the dungeon on normal). Once you know the teleport version, Endora Moorehead will sell you the portal version.

But so far, it’s just been mages. Why should we let the people who regularly troll us with portal roulette and flying mage tables (seriously, Presence of Mind + falling + Ritual of Refreshment = midair table)?

Enter the saurok


On the Isle of Thunder, there’s two mobs - the common Skumblade Saur-Priest and unique saurok Akolik - who seem to have the ability to cast a buff called Power Word: Dinosaur. For all intents and purposes, this is basically a reskin of Power Word: Fortitude - the wording is even the same (although right now Power Word: Dinosaur doesn’t seem to cost mana). But what Power Word: Fortitude is missing is the inherent awesomenss factor of being blessed with the stamina of a frickin’ dinosaur! What priest wouldn’t want this?

Everybody walk the dinosaur

probably not your buddy

Let’s act under the assumption that Blizzard’s development team is a benevolent entity who is not above spending a little time putting a way to get Power Word: Dinosaur into your priest’s spellbook. What are some ways it could be done?

  • The most obvious route, bringing the post back to that first paragraph, is some kind of rare drop from the saur-priests on the Isle of Thunder - a Codex of Power Word: Dinosaur. Obviously not necessarily the most interesting idea, but it gives at least one class a reason to go back to the Isle of Thunder now that most of us are hitting exalted with the questing factions and rounding up all the rare kills we need. (Also, it probably wouldn’t be an actual Codex so much as a Scribbled Diagram of Power Word: Dinosaur - the Saurok don’t seem especially literate.)
  • The second-easiest route is via a glyph. There’s already glyphs in game that change spell appearances - Glyph of Crimson Banish, Glyph of Bladed Judgment, Glyph of Crackling Tiger Lightning, and Glyph of the Bear Cub to name a few - so the precedent is there. Additionally, this would be a nice minor glyph for priests; with a few exceptions, a lot of their glyphs are for Shadow only. This might be something nice for Discipline priests who aren’t able to have shadowy friends or turn into a val’kyr when they die (admittedly badass).
  • The third route would require a little more development, but is something that Blizzard has already seen fit to implement a couple different ways: using priest abilities in interesting ways. To elaborate:
    • Hidden in and around Ravenholdt are two NPCs that require certain glyphs to interact with and to complete their interaction. WoW Insider has the details. Essentially, you use the Glyph of Disguise to take the form of Reislek’s Ghost, and fool the spirit of Orsur in the basement into thinking you are his master (or at least, close enough), which nets you a neat, unique, rogue-only item - the Survivor’s Bag of Coins.
    • Prior to patch 3.0.8, if you wanted to learn how to smelt Enchanted Elementium Bars - and you did, if you wanted Thunderfury - it involved a fairly elaborate method, which required a priest. You would have to enter Blackwing Lair, pass the first four bosses, and find a relatively unassuming goblin by the name of Master Elemental Shaper Krixix. Nowadays you just have to kill him, but before Wrath, to learn how to smelt those Enchanted Elementium Bars you had to mind control him. The priest would then use an ability on Krixix’s command bar to teach it to a miner with a high enough skill. Fun, eh?
    • Where’s all this going? Well, nowadays, Mind Control is gone - or rather, it’s now a talent, called Dominate Mind, available to all priests at level 15. Wouldn’t it be a neat little Easter egg if you could control Akolik or a Saur-Priest and have them teach you the methods of Power Word: Dinosaur? (I figure you can probably get them to cast it on you - but it’s more fun if you don’t have to go mind control a saurok every time.) Less work than a full class quest, but less ‘blah’ than just a plain old glyph or rare drop item!

All of these are pretty unlikely, but it would be insanely cool for priests to finally get a little alternate-spell-appearance lovin’. How would you grant the awesome might of Power Word: Dinosaur? Or perhaps you prefer the piratical Power Word: Arrrr instead? No worries, I’m not going to judge a pirate-priest!

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656499 2013-04-30T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:37:10Z Day 5 - That one pet (This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 5: What pet do you want more than any other pet? What would you do to get it?

The pet I want more than any other pet is the pet I’m never going to get - it’s actually three pets.

L-R panda cub zergling mini-Diablo

These three pets - the Panda Cub, Zergling, and Mini-Diablo - are the pets that came with the original World of Warcraft collector’s edition, which was well and truly gone even by the time I started playing. Finding one with an unused code is a miracle in and of itself, and can cost up to $1500 or more these days.

What would I do for them? Well, I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for them. It doesn’t stop me from looking at eBay every now and then, though. Maybe I can con Navimie into caging them up and trading them to me… ;)

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656500 2013-04-30T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:36:59Z Day 6: Favorite team makeup (This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 6: What pets have you got in your favourite team(s)?

Before I get started, I should note that while day 7 is the mods/addons post, I need to plug PetBattle Teams here. It’s just such a great addon for managing teams of pets - especially given the number of trainer fights in the game with radically different makeups requiring different teams, strategies, etc. I use PBT pretty extensively, and have a huge list of teams, but this is just a few of them.

  • My most recent team is a PvP team, which I’ve just dipped my toes into and had pretty good success with so far - 8 wins, 1 loss. That team makeup comes straight from Ratshag, and consists of the Fel Flame Azzinoth, a Lil’ Ragnaros named Basic Campfire, and Shimmerwing - a Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling with a breed that maximizes speed. The “Conflagrate bomb” may have taken a nerd, but it’s still pretty powerful (the ability to stack two different kinds of burning DoTs doesn’t hurt either).

  • My favorite place to level pets to 25 is in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which is populated almost entirely by aquatic pets (frogs, striders, water skimmers) and flying pets (mostly Effervescent Glowflies). So my team there has two constant members - Priscilla the Oasis Moth and a Nordrassil Wisp simply named Dead Night Elf, because let’s face it, it is - and the third member is whatever I’m trying to level at the time.

  • Of course, the other important thing you can find in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms is Grand Master Aki the Chosen; I used to be able to level on her while also doing the daily, but it seems like something on her team got a bit of a buff, so lately I’ve just settled on having a team to counter her three pets - Chirrup gets tackled by Lil’ Ratshag, my Kun-Lai Runt; Stormlash faces the sucker punch from an Anubisath Idol of Strife; and lastly, assuming Strife somehow dies to Whiskers, the mop-up spot is filled by a Mei Li Sparkler named Illumise.

  • Probably the most commonly-used team I have, though, is my captures team. This is the group that ensures I can still capture pets in the old world without one-shotting them. To that end, the most important member is Grumpy Gustavo, my Terrible Turnip. Slots two and three are usually filled by my Dark Whelpling, Atramentous, and my Darkmoon Zeppelin, the S.S. Huge Manatee. They don’t see a lot of play, though - the turnip does most of the work on that team.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656496 2013-04-08T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:37:55Z Day 4: Epic Pet Battles (Of History?) (This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 4: What was the most epic pet battle/capture you ever had?

I unfortunately have never really thought of any of my battles or captures as ‘epic.’ Maybe it’s just the overuse of the word, maybe it’s the fact that my wins and losses are never really close so much as they are a complete blowout for either side, but I guess the first time I beat Stone Cold Trixxy would probably count for me. It was the first time I felt like I was having some ‘real’ success at pet battling, and beating Trixxy really was the hardest step for me before going on to beat the rest of the master trainers. Even Bloodknight Antari wasn’t as hard for me as that blue-garbed goblin in Winterspring; I actually went back and leveled a humanoid specifically to beat her before continuing on with my first-to-25 pair of Dark Whelpling and Darkmoon Zeppelin.

I don’t know if she was epic, but the effort I had to put in to get past her certainly seemed like it. It’s a little sad now, doing the daily. I take my engineer portal to Winterspring (and then extinguish the fires that the teleporter causes), fly out to meet her, and then… usually beat her without switching pets. Alas. I try to at least bring a leveling pet so it’s not quite a total faceroll, but sadly Trixxy is down to just being an easy source of pet satchels.

Image by Wowhead

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656498 2013-04-08T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:37:27Z 13,000 yep thirteen thousand achievement points

I crossed the 13,000 achievement point threshold this weekend. Well, 13,100 really. It started with crossing off some low-hanging fruit on Friday - bowing to baby Kroshik for When in Ihgaluk, then finally finding the Dread Ambercrusher and crossing Over Their Heads off my list. Then while in a heroic queue (gotta get that Anglers rep), I caught a Shimmershell Snail in Darkshore and earned That’s a Lot of Pet Food.

There was idle discussion after of doing some achievement point things (mostly to help with Rades and Narci’s ongoing battle to be top nerdpoint person in TTGF) when Rades mentioned he needed a bunch of the troll heroic achievements - so off we went to ZA, earning Bear-ly Made It (finally got a bear!) and Tunnel Vision. Didn’t quite get Ring Out! (we weren’t all in to begin with), but we went back the next day and got it. There was also a surprise invite by a guildie for The Light of Dawn, which also earned us Neck Deep in Vile somehow - I couldn’t see it because I always, ALWAYS get blown off the platform by Arthas’ transition. Not the phase itself, but the actual transition between phases, he just explodes. Oh well.

ZA came after, and I think we got everything there - I know we got It’s Not Easy Being Green (turns out it is), Ohganot So Fast!, Here, Kitty Kitty… (which actually took us two tries, I think one of our rats got caught in AOE before the cats could eat it), and Spirit Twister. I wandered around afterwards completing quests and also wiped up Gurubashi Headhunter.

After the group broke up, I decided to do some more soloing. I’d had a lot of luck recently getting the achievements in the Hour of Twilight heroics that I had not managed to get previously - namely Severed Ties and Lazy Eye. (Still working on That’s Not Canon! - I got overwhelmed by demons last time I tried; it didn’t seem like Tyrande was doing much of anything at all.) So I decided to work on some more achievements that would actually count for the meta-achievement, and headed off towards Throne of the Tides. I was glad you can fly over Vashj’ir - my shaman has never been there! Fun fact: if you’re in no phase at all, the elementals from the Thrall/Aggra “Elemental Bonds” questline are hanging around the outside edge of the entrance of Throne.

So I headed into Throne, made my way through the packs of trash and the gauntlet (not TOO bad, although my attempt to skip the gauntlet led to me doing it backwards by accident), and pretty easily got Old Faithful. The second boss was a piece of cake - although now that I think about it, I probably could have skipped him, too - and then I got to Neptulon for a shot at Prince of Tides. The first time, I overestimated how many HP the Unyielding Behemoth had (and underestimated Neptulon’s heath) and so I used no AOE on the murlocs, which led to Neptulon dying, which led to:


The second time I knew what to expect and it was a cakewalk. It helped that when you wipe on the Neptulon encounter by Neptulon dying it just… despawns everything. Very easy, no time wasted.

After that, knocked out a couple more - Rotten to the Core and Don’t Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet - I don’t know how I didn’t have that first one. Insanely easy. Pull the boss, wait on the adds to gather up, drop a frag bomb on them all.

Onward and upward. I’ve got a couple more achievements in my sights - I have maybe 4 more days of dailies until I hit exalted with the Anglers, which will get me The Anglers (obviously), Pandaren Ambassador, and We’re Going to Need More Saddles. There’s also lots of low-hanging fruit left on my death knight - which I’ll probably tackle after she gets to 90! - and I finally built my Sulfuron Hammer, so now I get to farm for the Eye.

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656497 2013-04-08T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:37:46Z All quiet on the Pandaren front So, what’ve I been up to, besides not blogging?

  • As I alluded to several posts ago we finished out T14, and we’ve been working on T15… sort of. One of our on-again off-again raiders is off-again because he’s been super-busy in real life; another quit WoW cold turkey to pursue his life’s dream, which involved a move to New York; a third had his computer blow up and while he’s reinstalled WoW, he hasn’t been on, and I’m sort of worried he’s quitting. So yeah, we’ve been getting crit by the attendance bug pretty heavily. A couple new people have stepped up, but gearing has to take place, and I hate to say this, but LFR is a really shitty way to gear new people, and the valor cap doesn’t help. Regardless, we’re still raiding.
  • Banging head against Horridon. We got him down once, and then seemingly he’s gone back to being The Immovable Object. In LFR, people still haven’t figured out QUIT STANDING IN SHIT; in normal, well, this is one of those fights that’s harder on 10-man by far. That’s really all I have to say about that.
  • Sort of been gearing my monk again. I am a little disappointed that fistweaving has basically been nerfed into the ground by the untenable mana cost of Jab, but I am still more comfortable doing ‘actual healing’ on my monk than on my shaman. I don’t get it either. As an aside, my monk came into possession of two sha-touched weapons in the time it took my shaman, my ostensible main, to get one. One’s even normal-mode, so he’s technically doing better than Haloraka.
  • Putting Blingtron in places people can’t easily reach.

just sittin on the ledge

  • Also, speaking to the power of work orders: my monk went from Neutral to Exalted with the Dominance Offensive through story quests, work orders, and doing dailies exactly twice. Oh, and a lot of cringing over the repeated misspelling of red blossom “leaks.” Blizzard? Do you need a copyeditor? I’m happy to apply.
tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656495 2013-03-11T16:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:38:09Z Day 3: Favorite pet (This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 3: Who is your favourite pet? If you could bring it out into the real world, tell me what you imagine you would be doing.

Picking just one fave seems pretty hard. I’ll totally not play favorites (hah) and instead give you a few. (All screenshots courtesy of Wowhead, as taking a good companion screenshot is trickier than it seems.)

  • Anubisath Idol, because I got him the first time I soloed Twin Emps (and that’s sort of tricky as an enhancement shaman, at least at first glance). Mostly in the real world I’d probably make him cart stuff around for me - he’s obedient and seems pretty tough, for a rock statue. He can take it.

screenshot by Wowhead

  • Atramentous, my Dark Whelpling, my second pet to 25. Without a doubt, in the real world, I’d probably have to get him to stop chasing the cat. He seems like a bit of a pest.

screenshot by Wowhead

  • My Gold Mini Jouster, Buzzard Bait, and my Blue Mini Jouster, Egg Wave. This answer’s obvious: I’d make them play a real-world game of Joust! (Outside. I don’t need bird poop in the house.)

screenshots by Wowhead

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656492 2013-03-05T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:38:40Z A T14 retrospective in killshots (All kill shots doctored up all fancy by Rades except for Amber-Shaper kill shot #2 by Narci and one by me; you’ll be able to figure out which one it is, I think.)

Stone Guard



Spirit Kings

Elegons trash


Blade Lord




Wind Lord


No one ever said we were good at this game




Lei Shi

Technicolor Motherfucker and the Trip to Delaware

Now some words:

We didn’t just overcome 16 raid bosses this tier: we also beat the attendance boss, the roster switch boss (guilty as charged), the holiday boss, and Elegon’s trash.

And it was absolutely bitchin’.

that sums it up I feel

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656493 2013-03-05T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:38:27Z Day 2: Pets I dislike (This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

This one’s easy: Elementals. They all look so cool, but they’re such a pain in the ass to level up until you’ve already got other high-level pets for them to sponge XP off of. As much as I’d like to have leveled Deiter the Dark Phoenix and ERMAGERD PERBLE, it’s not efficient to do so early on - although now that I can easily knock around some of the trainers in Pandaria, that may help a bit. (Although the fact you get hurt when you surrender is going to affect my ability to easily farm the Pandaren Earth Spirit trainer for XP. Oh well.)

There is one exception, who I recently leveled to 25 because he’s just so useful: Grumpy Gustavo, my Terrible Turnip.


tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656490 2013-02-06T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:39:07Z My brain is full of murlocs EDIT: Looks like Blizzard, too, came to the conclusion that this didn’t make a single bit of sense. You now get to keep your valor in 5.2. Conquest will continue to convert to Honor, but there will be new honor gear, so all’s well that ends well.

Trying to comprehend what is going on in the collective minds at Blizzard is sometimes a struggle, but I think trying to figure this one out might take the cake.

Blizzard: Hey guys, in 5.2, we’re going to make all the Valor gear from 5.0 and 5.1 cheaper so that it’s easier to catch up in terms of gearing. It’ll still cost Valor, though.

Me: Okay, that’s pretty cool, I guess, I mean, earning Valor isn’t exactly fast, but considering there’s some good stuff for like 600 VP at that point…

Blizzard: Also we’re going to take away all of your Valor Points and convert them to nigh-fucking-useless Justice Points instead.


how about no

This is one of the most boneheaded decisions in a good long while - the JP battle-stones are not “new things to spend your Justice on,” and they’re horribly underwhelming at that, since they just promote a pet to uncommon. The new heirlooms are an even bigger JP sink since they require you to essentially buy an heirloom twice in order to get 5 more levels out of them. They’re not getting any stronger or conferring more experience beyond scaling to 85. Plus it’s not like Justice Points are going to be any easier to get in the first place.

I just

I don’t

this is blizzard

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656489 2013-02-04T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:39:14Z Transmog hat trick Here’s three transmogs I’m using or have used recently (mostly preserved here so I remember how to reassemble them in the future).

Plate of the Faceless

A little outfit I threw together after receiving the Helm of the Faceless while helping gear lowbies for Herald of the Titans. The weapon is a new accessory thanks to Narci; come 5.2 it can be mogged onto any two-handed non-polearm, non-staff weapon. This is a plate transmog with no class requirements.

pic from wowhead viewer

View the complete outfit on Wowhead

Fists of Molten Fury

I’m actually using this as resto now; I need to find a good staff to match since LFR decided to play a cruel joke and drop the sha-touched staff for my rarely-played resto set. Unspeakable Secret, maybe? This is a mail outfit with (surprisingly) no class restrictions - it uses the non-class-specific Burning Crusade recolors of Earthfury, so if you really want an elemental-looking hunter, be my guest.

pic from Pandalaran

View the complete outfit on Wowhead

Claw of the August Celestials

This actually came about after envying Fabulor’s kickin’ August Celestials transmog:

first Fabulor

I got pretty close, but the amount of blue mail that matches the tabard is actually surprisingly low! Still, I like the way it came out, although the low resolution on the boots still bugs me. I might change it up in the future. Anyway. This is a mail outfit, Shaman-only due to using a few pieces of tier gear. Please ignore the stupid way the armory and Wowhead draw off-hand fist weapons, I assure you they work correctly in-game.

and now me

View the complete outfit on Wowhead

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656488 2013-01-21T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:39:29Z No shirts, no shoes Pictured sadly not an actual shaman ability
Pictured: sadly not an actual shaman ability

Yesterday I went from rank 3 to rank 7 of the Brawler’s Guild. It was a lazy Sunday. While I’m currently banging my head against GG Engineering (best attempt: 40%; it’s a horribly unforgiving fight but I’m getting there), I had time to watch a lot of fights. Specifically a lot of deaths. Thought I’d pass along some words of observational wisdom.

You need a DPS spec that you don’t suck at

Believe me, I’m as thrilled about this as anyone. I’d love to tell you that you can go into Brawler’s Guild as a tank or a healing spec and do just fine. But I’d be lying to you. Brawler’s Guild is a celebration of two things: surviving against the odds, and massive damage numbers. See, what they don’t tell you when you walk in the door (although DBM will - it has a Brawler’s Guild module) is that the fights all have approximately a 2 minute berserk timer. There are a few fights that are forgiving due to some sort of mechanic, or bosses with a lower health pool because the focus is on surviving, but there are a great number of fights where you simply need to DPS as hard and as fast as possible. You need a DPS spec, and you need to know how to play it well.

I watched a holy smite priest start rank 1 yesterday. The full holy monty, too - Chakra: Chastise, faster-than-a-GCD Smites, good uptime on Holy Fire and Shadow Word: Pain. I watched this holy smite priest barely make the enrage timer on the rank 1 fights, which are extremely forgiving. Perhaps sensing what the audience was thinking - to my knowledge no one actually said anything - she told us, “all I have is holy/disc and I usually out DPS shadow priests.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her she was barely beating enrage timers by 2-3 seconds, which against certain bosses means you are already dead.

Tanks, similarly - you’re going to have a decent time at the beginning of the matches, but you don’t get massive stacks of Vengeance like you’re used to - you will encounter problems DPSing your way through Brawler’s Guild. It’s just a matter of when.

Get a DPS spec. Learn to play it. Learn to love it - or at least tolerate it enough to whip some matches.

Put your interrupt on your bars

I cannot tell you how many senseless deaths I’ve seen due to people not having their interrupt on their bars, or not speccing into it, or what have you. There’s really no excuse for this - Brawler’s Guild has a lot of casters, and almost all of them have some ability you should interrupt.

And yes, you have interrupts. You do. I promise.

  • Death Knight: Mind Freeze and Asphyxiate, available in all specs.
  • Druid: Solar Beam for Balance, Skull Bash for Feral.
  • Hunter: Silencing Shot, a talent, or a Nether Ray, Gorilla, or Moth pet. Word has it Crane AI will also use Lullaby during casts, but I haven’t tested that.
  • Mage: Counterspell, available to all specs (albeit on a terribly long cooldown), and Frostjaw, a talent.
  • Monk: Spear Hand Strike, available to all specs.
  • Paladin: Rebuke, available to all specs.
  • Priest: Silence, available to shadow priests.
  • Rogue: Kick, available to all specs, and Deadly Throw, available as a talent (if you can spare the DPS loss to use it, anyway).
  • Shaman: Wind Shear, available to all specs.
  • Warlock: Spell Lock, available either on your felhunter or by sacrificing it, or Optical Blast on the observer. (The observer scores bonus points because there are some enemies who have dispellable buffs for it to steal.)
  • Warrior: Pummel, available to all specs, and Disrupting Shout, a talent.

That doesn’t even cover using stuns or disorients as pseudo-interrupts. You have interrupts. Use them.

Group up

A common practice in Brawler’s Guild is to group up - to offer advice, cheer each other on, and perhaps just as importantly to share buffs. When you get in, ask the people present if there’s a buff group to get invited to. You never know - it could make a difference. (Plus usually there’s someone there willing to rez you. The run back to Brawl’gar Arena is pretty convenient, but I’m not sure about Bizmo’s Brawlpub.)

Don’t go AFK unless you’re standing by where people exit the match

No, seriously.

The first hazard is getting warped into your own match while you’re still waiting. That orc might have just told you you’re third in line, but if #1 and #2 leave the arena, tag - you’re it. No one wants to lose their match while AFK.

The second hazard is the angry spectators. These are spectating NPCs who will occasionally get mad that someone won (or lost) and go from being normal green NPCs to aggressive ones. If you wander by them, they’ll start attacking you - and they do a pretty serious amount of damage, all things considered. They’re also around every part of the ring except where people exit. So if you’ve got to go AFK and you’re not queued up, go stand by where the live winners/dead losers are ported out.

(Bonus: these guys are the targets of Bottle Service. Find the NPC selling Expired Blackout Brew - Lidiya Peyton blueside, Esme Sunshadow redside - and throw it at the angry NPCs to get them to simmer down.)

The third hazard is a bug that popped up for me yesterday - unfortunately for my opponent - and is apparently commonplace enough that other people there knew about it. Occasionally you will get ported into the arena during a match still in progress and your own match will begin. Rumor has it that if either competitor wins, both of them win, but since my opponent was losing badly against Blat and I was fighting Ixx, it was pretty much game over. Ixx won.

And last but not least…

Brawler’s Guild is much harder for melee than ranged

Simply a fact of life. But that’s nothing new, now is it? :)

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656487 2013-01-14T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:39:39Z Light, tunnel, etc. This time, it was so long between posts that I forgot how to operate Octopress. This is a bad trend; time to nip it in the bud.

What’s new?

  • I’m a troll now.

you come get da voodoo

Partly for the aesthetics and partly for the crazy burst DPS.

next time Corv NEXT TIME

  • I’ve finished up several of the Pandaria reputations. It’s kind of amazing how much time some of those dailies took up. But now that I’m down to basically August Celestials and Dominance Offensive (and, uh, I guess the Anglers, but I’m not really working on them because I hate fishing) I’m left with lots of free time to do things like solo old raids and pet battle. I’ve put up a page about my enhancement soloing efforts, in fact!

  • TTGF is now 6/6 in Mogu’shan Vaults and 2/6 in Heart of Fear; we’re supposed to start working on Garalon tonight. I’m partly looking forward to it and partly thinking back to the first time I saw this fight. (What Rades didn’t tell you is that I’m one of the sad melee dead in those piles of pheromones.)

We’re also looking for some consistent DPSers, preferably ranged; Monday/Wednesday nights, 10pm EST/7pm PST.

  • Still don’t have a Sha-touched weapon. 11 Empress kills, used a coin on every single one, no weapon. Next time I go to Heart of Fear I’m just taking a knife and cutting her damn hand off.

look ma dragon

tag:thestoppableforce.net,2013:Post/656486 2012-12-17T17:00:00Z 2014-02-20T03:39:51Z Brawlin’ Goodness, has it really been a month and a day since I posted anything here? It’s not like I have a lack of post topics - it’s really more of a lack of time to update the ol’ blog. Hopefully that’ll clear up soon - on top of (hopefully) being done with my Masters degree, I’m also starting to hit exalted on reputations with my shaman.

Did I say with my shaman? Yes, I did. My oldest existing character, who was supposed to be my main in Cataclysm, is now my raiding main in Mists of Pandaria. He’s also a brawler - thanks to a RL friend who dinged rank 7 in there, I snagged a Brawler’s Pass (stalking the BMAH for a Blood-Soaked Invitation was not paying off). Last night, after dawdling around in Pandaria a bit, I decided to head off to the Brawl’gar Arena and see what was what.

First off, I take back what I said about the arena being boring. Sure, Brawl’gar Arena doesn’t quite have the atmosphere of Bizmo’s Brawlpub, but then again, we don’t have an underground tram to have a bar underneath, so they did a pretty good job, all things considered. It’s still got a lot of character, even in the grey items that you get in your Brawler’s Purse:

Seriously Mankrik

There’s a lot of interesting characters in the Brawler’s Guild - from obvious Fight Club reference Robert Paulson (he needs a hug, he says) to the slightly more obscure Dirk Roughly (a nod to Dirk Gently). Volda Gan’dra insists that shoes are for the weak. And I must admit, seeing some old World of Warcraft friends again was neat - even if it was Dungeon Master Vishas, still on the hunt for Naughty Secrets that he insists on ripping from your flesh. You’ll even see Bruno Flameretardant, last seen in Azshara and Kezan, working the bar at the arena.

But for me, I was actually cracking up at was this fella. Duke Studlington.

Hey look its Bruno Flameretardant

I’m fairly certain the Duke is related to a certain other foppis–err, fashionable paladin. He follows you around Brawl’gar Arena - usually after you win, but sometimes just at random - and /flexes at you. Constantly. He also has three lines of dialogue; the last is my favorite:

  • “I beat up three orcs and a tauren last night, all without breaking a nail.”
  • “You want a knuckle sandwich, chump?”
  • Do you even lift, bro?”

I kept cracking up when I realized that even when I had trotted all the way to the other side of the arena, the Duke had followed me–


oh crap, he’s right behind me, isn’t he