Enhancement Soloing Log

This is a list of the things I’ve soloed as an enhancement shaman, along with any notes on talents, abilities, things that might trip you up, et cetera. For the most part, unless I say otherwise, I’m using a burst-oriented talent spec with Elemental Mastery and Primal Elementalist to burn down bosses as quickly as possible. (As a benchmark, in 483 gear, this is sufficient to kill most bosses in Naxxramas in 20 seconds.)


Blackwing Lair

Bosses with no special instructions

Firemaw, Ebonroc, and Flamegor require no special notes, strategies, or talents.

Razorgore the Untamed

Razorgore was made easier to solo in 5.1. Note that I said easier, not easy. The trick is knowing how to reset aggro onto yourself, which isn’t especially obvious. When the fight starts, run up onto the stage, kill the controller and his guards, and take control of Razorgore. Use this unmolested time to break the eggs farthest from the control platform, so you spend a lot less time making Razorgore run back and forth to break eggs in the meantime.

When the adds start coming out, as soon as you have 4 or 5 of them on you, exit Razorgore. Now, since he predates vehicle mechanics, there’s not actually an Exit Vehicle button. What you want to do is treat him like a pet: target him, right-click on his frame, and choose Dismiss. All the adds that are out, as well as Razorgore, should immediately aggro onto you - but they hardly do any damage. Kill a few if you like, especially the mages (their Arcane Explosion can hit Razorgore later in the fight and make things dicey), but it’s mostly only necessary if you’re unable to see the Orb of Command anymore. They do so very little damage - I literally had 30 or more adds on me and was taking next to no damage.

After the Mind Exhaustion debuff wears off, plant a Healing Stream Totem (for bonus aggro on you!) and then take control of Razorgore again. Resume stomping eggs. Continue the control > stomp > dismiss > wait cycle until there are no eggs left, working your way across the room from the eggs farthest away from you to the eggs closest to you, ideally ending with the one behind the Orb of Command.

Once all the eggs are dead, you only have to deal with Razorgore himself; he’s a joke, just kill him.

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Vaelastrasz still applies Burning Adrenaline, but he doesn’t do it immediately. The damage won’t kill you, but when the 30-second debuff falls off, you will die regardless of health. Just burst him down before the end of the debuff or, ideally, if you hit bloodlust, burst him down before he even applies it.

Broodlord Lashlayer

The Broodlord doesn’t require any special tactics, but the suppression chamber before him might. You can’t disable the traps (you get the gear icon, but if you try to click on them, you just get “You can’t open that” as a reply) so you get to run to him through the two suppression rooms with an 80% movement speed debuff and a flock of angry dragonkin on your tail. You shouldn’t have any issues with damage, it’s just going to be pretty annoying. I didn’t think to check if Windwalk Totem will free you from the movement portion of the debuff - in theory it should - so you might want to take that and Call of the Elements to at least get two periods of “dashing” through the rooms. Once you get to the Broodlord, kill him and the dragonkin who’ve piled up behind you on your trip through.

Oh: and don’t bother killing the dragons until you get to the boss. They’ll respawn within aggro range before you can slowly walk out of it. Just wait and AOE them down with Lashlayer.


Be absolutely sure to kill some of the trash between Broodlord and Chromaggus (where the three dragon bosses are) and loot the Hourglass Sand from them. You’ll need at least 1, maybe 2-3 depending on how slowly you kill him. That’s really the best tip - just DPS Chromaggus as usual; he has a lot of health for a boss of his level. Use Hourglass Sand to remove the Bronze Brood Affliction so (a) you don’t get randomly stunned and (b) you don’t get turned into a dragonkin.


You’ll probably still have red and/or green Brood Afflictions from the Chromaggus fight. Deal with it.

Phase 1: An absolute ton of adds will come streaming out of the doors. Kill these, they each take 1-2 shots, until 42 of them are dead. Then get ready to fight Nefarian.

Phase 2: Nefarian doesn’t have anything to worry about, but be aware that if he does his “class call,” you’ll lay down Corrupted Totems that help him. I’d still focus on just murdering him. (I actually didn’t see this call during my kills.)

Phase 3: Disregard Bone Constructs, kill Nefarian. Kill the Constructs after, they still take 1-2 hits each.

Molten Core

Boss with no special instructions

All of them.


Ruins of Ahn’qiraj

Coming soon!

Temple of Ahn’qiraj

Bosses with no special instructions

The Prophet Skeram, Battleguard Sartura, Fankriss the Unyielding, Princess Huhuran, and Ouro require no special notes, strategies, or talents.

Bug Trio/Silithid Royalty/Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, and Vem

Bugs die fast. If you’re here for the only piece of mail gear for transmog purposes, kill Princess Yauj last.


He was changed to require fewer blows to shatter, but as an enhancement shaman you should be using two slow weapons, so it could be kind of dicey whether you get him to shatter or not. Here’s my method for killing Viscidus as quickly as possible.

  1. Change your weapon imbues (one or both, I like both) to Frostbrand.
  2. Go ahead and use Frost Shock where you’d usually use Earth Shock. Or don’t. Dual Frostbrand should be sufficient, but I like freezing him ASAP.
  3. When he is frozen, pop Feral Spirit. When he explodes, kill as many globs as you can. Next time he’s frozen, use an elemental. If you somehow need three frozen phases, use your other elemental or an attack speed enhancer.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you can loot the slime.

Twin Emperors

Hoo boy. These guys are the reason AQ40 was infamously unsoloable at 85 for most classes. At 90 they’re still a pain in the ass, but their heal recast was slowed to 3 seconds in 5.1, and you can outdamage what heals they do manage to get off, as long as you don’t activate the enhancement bug. More on that in a sec.

First off, here’s what will work on them by ability:

I’ve found the most efficient way is to tuck yourself into the corner and focus on Vek’nilash, hitting him with Unleash Elements (only half of it will work, but that’s okay), autoattacks, Stormstrike, and Feral Spirit. When you get 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, either heal yourself with an instant Healing Surge (I like Glyph of Healing Storm for this reason) or cast Chain Lightning - he’s immune, but it’ll bounce to Emperor Vek’lor. Keep down Magma Totem; Searing Totem will focus on Vek’nilash, who’s immune to it. You may want to use Water Shield; I was having mana problems at times on this fight.

DO NOT cast your elementals; while they are capable of damaging the Emperors, they’re also extremely capable of pulling them out of range of you - the Earth Elemental especially likes to get into a dance with Vek’nilash where they get farther and farther away from you. For this same reason, you may want to use Rockbiter Weapon; while the taunt effect from Unleash Earth won’t work, the damage reduction allows you to spend more MW stacks on Chain Lightning, and the threat generation will allow you to remain reliably ahead of the wolves (yes, you can actually lose threat to the wolves, and it sucks to have to reposition the Emperors).

BEWARE OF THE FOLLOWING BUG: If you activate Ascendance, you turn into an Air Ascendant, causing both your autoattacks and Stormstrike to deal pure nature damage and have a 30-yard range. Sounds nice, right? The problem is, currently, becoming an Ascendant causes both Emperors to become immune to your autoattacks and Stormstrike. (My guess is Vek’lor’s immunity is coded to ignore all auto-attacks and anything doing a percentage of weapon damage altogether, whereas Vek’nilash is coded to ignore specifically non-Physical damage, so when you’ve got a nature-type auto-attack and nature-type weapon-percentage attack, both Emperors are immune. The problem with this theory is that Lava Lash works on Vek’lor. So I dunno. It’s a bug, I think.)


The only real note here is that when you come out of the stomach, you’ll drop to a very low percentage of health. Don’t worry, this is normal - and you shouldn’t die, as there shouldn’t be anything attacking you. You may want to save your wolves or some MW stacks for now, though. Just in case.

The Burning Crusade


Coming soon!

Magtheridon’s Lair

Coming soon!

Gruul’s Lair

Coming soon!

Serpentshrine Cavern

Bosses with no special instructions

Hydross the Unstable, The Lurker Below, Leotheras the Blind, and Morogrim Tidewalker require no special notes, strategies, or talents. Additionally, due to the change in pool mechanics, you can fish up The Lurker Below with well below the previously-required 300 fishing (I think I fished him up with fishing of about 121).

Fathom-Lord Karathress

I have been entirely unable to solo Fathom-Lord Karathress, pretty much entirely due to Cataclysmic Bolt. Trying to take down his adds as recommended results in being Cataclysmic Bolted to death at some point after all my healing and defensive cooldowns have run out; trying to simply kill him first results in a Blessing of the Tides-boosted Cataclysmic Bolt to the face. My best attempt on the latter got him to 40%; I suspect there is a gear level where it will be possible to simply pop all cooldowns and burn Karathress before he can get off a Cataclysmic Bolt.

Lady Vashj

Nothing too difficult here, but be sure and hunt down those Tainted Elementals as fast as you can. Do not keep up a totem or pop Spirit Wolves; if there’s anything up but you, and they target them, it’s possible for them to despawn. Kill elementals as you can, but don’t over-exert yourself; I think when I killed her she had something like +400% damage and still wasn’t doing much to me, when she was actually able to hit me.

Tempest Keep: The Eye


Run to him in phase 1 so he won’t spam Flame Buffet, burn him down; in phase 2, just kill him.

Void Reaver

Kite constantly. Getting silenced sucks.

High Astromancer Solarian

You have to kill all her trash first; it all pulls, which wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem since they’ll spend most of their time whiffing, but one of them (I’m not sure which) will charm you even if you’re solo. So clear out all the trash, then burn down this fairly simple boss.

Kael’thas and Friends

Phase 1: Individually, the advisors are not a threat; kill them. They’ll go down in a few swings.

Phase 2: Group up the weapons and AOE them down. Be sure to pick up the Staff of Disintegration, equip it, put Windfury on it, and use it just before the advisors are resurrected. Keep it equipped until phase 3 ends.

Phase 3: You’ll still be subject to knockbacks and you won’t have Lava Lash, but you shouldn’t have any problems beating the advisors to death with your legendary stick. I suggest Telonicus first (to get him down before he applies Remote Toy), then Thaladred (as mentioned, his knockback is one of the only things you’re still vulnerable to with the staff’s aura up), then the other two. If you kill Capernian before Sanguinar, you might be able to go ahead and equip your weapons - but I wouldn’t bother.

If you make it past phase 3, you basically win.

Phase 4: Put your weapons back on and punch Kael’thas to death. You should be able to get him down before he summons a single phoenix.

Phase 5: Stay out of the clouds, they lower your max health. Get as close as possible and destroy him.

The Battle for Mount Hyjal

Rage Winterchill

Kite as much as possible to stay out of Death and Decay. Expect to take a lot of damage, probably the most you’ll take this entire instance.


You shouldn’t have any issues out-DPSing his Vampiric Aura. Not much you can do about Sleep, but it doesn’t really matter because he’ll hit you back out of it if he does put you to sleep.


The drain from Mark of Kaz’rogal is a non-factor. Basically a tank-and-spank.


Good news, everyone: Azgalor doesn’t cast Doom if you’re solo. Expect to be silenced every once in a while by Howl of Azgalor.


I could tell you the whole thing about making sure you know how to use your Tears of Elune, yadda yadda - but if you pop all your cooldowns at once, you can kill Archimonde before he ever casts it once. Seriously, guy’s a wuss to a 90.

Black Temple

Bosses with no special instructions

High Warlord Naj’entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, Teron Gorefiend, and Mother Shahraz require no special notes, strategies, or talents.

Gurtogg Bloodboil

It’s still quite possible to take a lot of damage from Gurtogg due to a combination of Arcing Smash and Acidic Wound. Watch your health. Otherwise, not a big deal.

Reliquary of Souls

Essence of Suffering (#1) and Essence of Anger (#3) are easy. Do not, however, use cooldowns on phase 1.

The interim phases, with the souls, will restore your mana - in fact, you won’t have to kill most of them, as they’ll explode on your lightning shield.

Essence of Desire is where you’ll gib yourself if you’re not careful. Go ahead and blow all your cooldowns to burn through the phase if possible, but make sure you have both the wolves and Ancestral Guidance. AG causes you to out-heal the damage you’re doing to yourself during this phase (you take 50% of the damage you deal, but AG causes you to regain 40% of damage dealt as healing - and then healing is doubled, so you’re healing yourself for 80% of damage dealt). Nothing you can do about Spirit Shock, but it’s now on a 15-second cooldown, so hopefully you shouldn’t see more than 1 or 2. Purge her Rune Shield when she puts it up.

Illidari Council

Focus on Lady Malande, being sure to interrupt her Circle of Healing. Switch off of her when Gathios puts a bubble on her. Alternatively, focus on Gathios or Veras and kite them to stay out of Gathios’ Consecration, swapping to Malande when she starts casting Circle of Healing. (I prefer Gathios - he doesn’t Vanish like Veras does, and if he takes damage he’ll bubble himself, which prevents him from bubbling Malande.) Either way, interrupting the heals is essential.

Illidan Stormrage

Phases 1, 3, and 5 are no big deal. DPS him as usual.

Phase 2 is where you’re most likely to run into a wall. Burn the elementals down as fast as you can, kiting as fast as you can to stay out of the fire Illidan puts on the ground - but, don’t get too far from the blades, or the Elementals’ enrage will still murder you. It’s a tough balance. Focus on taking down one elemental, then the other.

Sunwell Plateau

Coming soon!

Wrath of the Lich King


Bosses with no special instructions

Anub’rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, Maexxna, Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, Noth the Plaguebringer, Loatheb, Gothik the Harvester, Sapphiron, and Kel’thuzad require no special notes, strategies, or talents. Isn’t that kinda sad?


The first part, where you fight Feugen and Stalagg, is actually the hardest boss in all of Naxxramas. Pick one and start fighting them, the other one will come to you and you’ll start taking periodic nature damage. Once both are in range, burn them down equally so they die together. Be ready to use defensive cooldowns; it’s not a lot of nature damage, but you’ll be getting hit often.

Thaddius himself is a tank and spank.

Heigan the Unclean

Don’t dance, just kill. Stay on his platform; the Spell Disruption debuff only affects non-five-Maelstrom Lightning Bolts, anyway, so don’t use those. You shouldn’t get to the “fast dance” phase.

Instructor Razuvious

Do not use the crystals - in fact, doing so is a good way to get yourself killed as Razuvious and the student you’re not controlling come over to beat on you because you’re somehow pulling threat over the student with taunt.

Instead, tank Razuvious yourself. If you blow all your cooldowns, the wolves should keep you alive while you kill him; if he’s still alive afterwards, use Ancestral Guidance.

The Four Horsemen

From running to the center to pull them, pick one of the back Horsemen - Lady Blaumeux or Sir Zeliek - and focus on them first. Baron Rivendare and Thane Kor’thazz will come to you. If you pop your Spirit Wolves, they’re actually intelligent enough to run to the back Horseman that you’re not fighting to stop them from casting their “raid wipe” move. Clever dogs.

Kill whoever you picked first, then the other ‘back row’ Horseman, then Baron & Thane.

Obsidian Sanctum

Sartharion + 3 Drakes

In my current gear and spec - i483 average, UF/EoE spec - I put out enough burst DPS with all cooldowns (wolves, Fire Elemental, Berserking, Bloodlust, Stormlash Totem, Ascendance) to kill Sartharion in 26 seconds - well before he even called to the first drake and without any danger to my health. So basically the strategy is

this is a recurring theme

Eye of Eternity


Phase 1: DPS him like normal. Pull down a spark and stand in it to speed things up. If he gets off a Vortex, you can still hit him with Unleash Elements and sometimes Flame/Earth Shock (plus your totem can still target him).

Phase 2: Stand in the bubble, kill an add, take the disc, go kill the other adds. You’ll take a small ongoing amount of Arcane damage during this part of the fight.

Phase 3:

  1. 33333
  2. Stay out of Static Field
  3. Wait for 50+ energy
  4. 3 > 11 > 2 > 3
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until he dies

(Long version: stack a full 5 stacks of the HoT on yourself and keep it up at all times. Avoid static fields, they do more damage to you than his Surge of Power if you stay in them; you can use button 6 - Blazing Speed - to get out of them. When you have full energy, refresh your HoT, cast Flame Spike to build 2 combo points, then put the DoT on Malygos, then refresh your HoT again. The strength of the DoT is not affected by combo points, just its duration; two combo points should be plenty to enable you to keep up your own HoT and also burn down Malygos.)

Malygos (25-man)

Strategy is basically the same, except during phase 2 there’s a lot more adds, and in phase 1 there’s a lot more power sparks. If you let your DoT stacks fall off at any point in phase 3 and Malygos wasn’t below 45-50% going into the phase, you’ll probably hit the berserk timer. My way around this was to stack a couple of power sparks and, once Malygos went into the air to start prattling, I stacked two power sparks, hit Shamanistic Rage and spammed Lightning Bolt - I think I saw one crit for 180k. Wolves can also hit him at this point in the fight. The Power Sparks are pretty essential in this fight; a single LB should knock them down, so make the most of it.

Vault of Archavon

Individual watchers

Nothing too special. Archavon will still grab you, which mostly seems to involve him running around in circles for a bit. Watch out for Meteor Fists on Koralon - you may want to take Stone Bulwark Totem for this fight, as it’ll absorb most of them.

Storm, Earth, and Fire

I’m horribly close to getting this one in 10-player. Here’s a general outline:

  1. Clear all the trash in the instance. (Just to be safe, I killed Toravon’s trash too - he’s not required for the achievement, and I don’t think his trash will come up that far, but Archavon’s throws can be a little wonky.)
  2. Pull Koralon. Kite him slowly backwards towards Archavon’s room the whole time until he’s at 10-15%, using a combination of wolves, Stone Bulwark Totem, and Healing Stream Totem to stay close to full health-ish. When he’s low and stops to cast meteor fists, use Ghost Wolf to run the rest of the way to Archavon.
  3. Pull Archavon. Use a DPS cooldown to beat him down in a hurry while pulling Archavon and Koralon slowly towards Emalon’s room. Try to save at least one healing cooldown. When Archavon is at 10-15% (careful, he has way less HP than Koralon), hit Ghost Wolf and Spirit Walk to sprint to Emalon’s room.
  4. Pull Emalon. By now your health is probably hurting - blow any remaining healing cooldowns (highly recommend saving any heals for this phase) and Bloodlust, but not until after Archavon has thrown you once. He likes to pick you up right after you blow cooldowns. If he picks you up in the hallway instead, try not to get too turned around.
  5. Win. (This is the part I had problems with. I forgot to save a healing cooldown for this phase. Archavon died to residual damage from Lightning Shield and general AOE, then Emalon and Koralon finished me off.)


Coming soon!

Trial of the Crusader

Coming soon!

Onyxia’s Lair

Phase 1: DPS Onyxia like you would any boss. Don’t bother with any cooldowns - maybe wolves if you feel your health is getting low. Try to tank her against the back wall.

P1-P2 transition: Pop Ascendance and go nuts on her. You should be able to get her at or near the phase 3 transition before she ever takes off.

Phase 2: DPS whelps, if Onyxia hasn’t landed yet. Lightning bolts, Unleash Elements, and Ascendance should all reach her while she’s flying around, if you didn’t manage to basically skip phase 2.

Phase 3: Kill Onyxia. Use AOE to kill the whelps. Using AG in this phase is HUGE amounts of healing.

Icecrown Citadel

Coming soon!

Ruby Sanctum

The trash

Not gonna lie - even the trash in here is hard. I prioritized Charscale Assaulters and Charscale Elites first (they both have 2-second stuns), followed by Charscale Commanders (Mortal Strike sucks), then Charscale Invokers (Scorch is fairly weak, and Flame Wave may have been nerfed - it didn’t seem to daze me anymore, though it still did a knockback). Be prepared to still pop healing cooldowns on trash if necessary, like wolves or your level 75 talent.

Baltharus the Warborn

Nothing too special about this guy, although he does do a lot of melee damage - you’ll want to burn him down as fast as possible to get to the part where he pops a clone. Save Ancestral Guidance for that part.

Saviana Ragefire

Ground phase isn’t too hard, although she does do some pretty high damage. Save defensive cooldowns (level 15 talents, Shamanistic Rage, etc.) for when she’s about to daze you from midair - although honestly if you run far away enough from the lake where she patrols around initially, that’s not even a concern either, as she’ll still be walking towards you when it wears off.

General Zarithrian

Burst. Burst hard. You’re going to be losing armor from his attacks. Ignore adds, kite them if you have to. He falls somewhere between Baltharus and Saviana in difficulty.


Initially considered unsoloable due to his Corporality buff, I poked around on YouTube for a while and found that it was doable for a death knight - he simply stayed around in the Twilight Realm for the entire fight. I wasn’t sure exactly why that was, but I had to acknowledge there were some benefits - like not having to dodge X-shaped meteor lines. I’ll take the Twilight Cutters anyday. So I tried the same strategy.

Preparation: Make sure you have Glyph of Healing Storm. You’ll be spending most of your MW5 stacks on this.

Phase 1 (100-75% health): DPS as usual. Don’t stand in meteors or the X-shaped fire lines they leave behind. Don’t worry about Fiery Combustion, as far as I can tell he won’t cast it on his primary target. Heal as necessary. Pop cooldowns if you want.

Phase 2 (75-50% health): DPS as usual. Don’t stand in Twilight Cutters; they’re not instant-death anymore but they’re still not pleasant. There’s a constant tiny damage pulse here. Heal as necessary. Again, pop cooldowns if you want. He doesn’t seem to cast Soul Consumption on his primary target, either.

Phase 3 (50% health to dead): Stay in the Twilight Realm. You will begin to do slightly less damage to Halion and he supposedly regenerates, but just like Twin Emperors, you should be fully capable of doing more damage than he can heal. Pop wolves and elementals on cooldown - although you’ll see them doing damage to him in the Twilight Realm, you will see the message “Your companions’ attacks force Halion further out of the physical realm!” just as if you had actual people over there, so there’s a constant back-and-forth of doing normal damage to doing somewhat less damage. Use MW5 stacks on healing, as you’ll probably need it every few Dark Breaths.




Prep work

  1. Enter the Firelands. Go down the rocks - if you’re an engineer, pop your Goblin Glider. Work your way around between the trash up to the base of Lord Rhyolith’s hill. There’s plenty of room between each trash pack to work your way around; just be patient.

  2. Mount up and rush up Rhyolith’s hill. Kill the pack at the top - shouldn’t be too difficult. Kill the next pair of adds - these do somewhat more damage, but popping your Earth Elemental and letting it tank one will help. Rush Kar the Everburning to stop the fireballs from dropping all up and down the hill, but don’t expect to kill him. That’s okay: all you needed to do was stop the fireballs. Trust me, you don’t need anything else to focus on avoiding.

  3. Re-enter the Firelands, heal up, make your way back to Alysrazor’s room. Rush in and start smashing one of the casters; interrupt his Fieroblasts as much as you can, but you’ll get hit by the other one. That’s okay, they’re not too bad. You should be able to get one down before the birds start spitting at you; if not, use the bird fire spit to kill them, then go stand by an egg pile. Kill the egg pile with the fire-spit, beat up the little birds yourself to get Maelstrom Weapon stacks and heal yourself. Once the egg piles are dead, pick a bird, run in a circle around it, and let them kill themselves. Do the same to the other bird. The arena should be clear now.

  4. You’ll want the following glyphs: Healing Storm, Flame Shock, and Healing Stream Totem. Talents are basically whatever you use in your normal DPS work, but I will note that Ancestral Guidance is basically mandatory, and Astral Shift & Call of the Elements will make your life a lot easier.

Stage 1: I Will Burn You From The Sky!

  1. Pull Alys, either by aggroing Domo (on the first pull) or picking up the feather (second and later pulls). The fire damage from her knockback isn’t too rough but a Shamanistic Rage to reduce it never hurt anyone. As soon as you can damage her, blow absolutely everything. Wolves, elemental, Bloodlust, Elemental Mastery, Stormlash, bring it all out and do as much damage as you can. Follow her across the arena while doing so, picking up two feathers right away. At the end, just before or while she is ascending, pick up your third feather.

  2. PICK UP YOUR TOTEMS AND DO NOT RECAST THEM WHILE IN FLIGHT. I cannot emphasize this enough. It is vitally important that you do not summon any totems or wolves during the flying portion of the fight. Why? Because you’ll aggro the hatchlings. With this strategy, we basically ignore the hatchlings, and so you do not want to aggro them. At all.

  3. Damage her normally, being sure to fly through rings, otherwise doing your normal rotation without any totems. Getting to 25 stacks of Blazing Power is a priority so that you can get Alysra’s Razor, but always, always stay near her - especially when she goes down for a Molting phase. If you have to take a few hits of Blazing Claw in order to stay close to her, so be it. If you don’t, she will ‘restart’ the fight - essentially she will do a chunk of fire damage, knock you out of the sky, remove your wings, and despawn. This is bad. This is a waste of time. Stay near her! Watch that Molting timer!

Stage 2: The Skies are Mine!

First, a quibble with the Dungeon Journal: it’s these skies are mine, not the. ANYWAY.

  1. Fly out of the arena. You heard me. Land just outside the fire barrier that normally keeps you from leaving. This is where you’ll start taking damage - Alysrazor is going to start stacking Harsh Winds on you, but it’s gonna be okay! Pop your Healing Stream Totem first, to give yourself 10% reduced damage from fire.

  2. When she flies by, pop Ascendance and Ancestral Guidance together. Jolt her for a huge burst of healing (especially since you should have Alysra’s Razor for the first part of this segment!); you should have time for two of these back to back.

  3. Pop survival cooldowns and hit yourself with Healing Surges as necessary. Don’t forget you can hit Call of the Elements and drop another Healing Stream Totem to continue that 10% reduced fire damage + healing ticks.

Stage 3: Burnout! and Stage 4: Reborn in Flame!

When Alys hits the ground, run.

  1. Pull up your totems, hit Ghost Wolf form, hit Spirit Walk, and sprint for the top of Rhyolith’s hill - right about where Kar was standing the first time before you made him run away. Maybe a little further back. Eventually Alysrazor will stand back up and come for you, spamming Blazing Claw all the way - this stage lasts 50 seconds, then she’ll do a little knockback (try not to get knocked into the lava) and drop an entire pile of feathers before heading back for her arena.

  2. Pick up the feathers ASAP and follow her back. Go back to stage 1 and just keep running through these stages until you down her!

If executed correctly, you won’t ever have to deal with the Molten Hatchlings - they’ll wander around the arena, and I think sometimes they might eat worms, and while they’ll imprint on you, they will not aggro you unless something of yours (like a totem or your spirit wolves) is in the arena - they’ll kill it, then come kill you. You’ll know right away if you mess this up, as they’ll come for you as soon as Alysrazor lands. That’s a wipe, because they’ll be very hungry by then.

Also, as long as you don’t fly directly into an Incendiary Cloud like I did at 5:20 or so in the above video, you will get credit for the entire Do a Barrel Roll! achievement! You never deal with Brushfires or Lava Spews by being in the air the whole time, and you avoid the Fiery Tornado by basically skipping the entire phase. Only the burning clouds are a big deal, and they’re fairly easy to avoid, as you can see if you watch the video. (The reason I hit one is that I was afraid I was too far away from her during a Molting phase and went straight downward - and I would’ve been fine, except then I juked directly into a cloud.)


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