About me

My name is Phil, and this isn’t my first time at the blogging rodeo. I wrote a bunch of blogs no one really cares about, then I blogged about World of Warcraft on and off for six years. This time, this blog, is basically about games in general, but I wouldn’t consider myself any kind of games journalist: I’m just a person who has thoughts about games. Besides, gamer is practically a meaningless term these days: everyone plays games. Everyone.

Back in college I wrote a blog client for Macs; it wasn’t very good, but it had a small, solid community of people I liked very much. It reminded me that sometimes, indie development is about the people you meet. It’s for that reason that I kind of toy with game development, but my time is frequently pretty full.

I play a lot of Android: Netrunner, a couple of games of Dungeon World via email, and other board & card games when I’m not playing video games. Those will probably pop up here from time to time too.

About comments on this site

They’re off. Permanently. As to why, I’m going to refer to Matt Gemmell’s “Comments Off”.