About this Blog

The Stoppable Force started in September 2008 as a WoW blog. It’s undergone a number of incarnations, waxing and waning with what I was doing at the time - warlock stuff, death knight posts, a raiding ‘progress journal’ of sorts, and onec a post about a sandwich that remains the highest-ranked post on this blog in terms of hits. It became a Rift blog when I was playing Rift, and it became a SWTOR blog when I was playing SWTOR, and it’ll probably have Guild Wars 2 info when I’m trying that out - but it’s still primarily about WoW, and more than anything it’s just a blog about MMOs and playing them from my perspective.

About this Blogger

I answer to Stop (which gets confusing during conventions) but my real name is Phil; I’m a software developer in the Greater Cincinnati region, and have been blogging on and off - mostly on, except during my senior year of college - since Blogger was still owned by Pyra Labs (so ‘99 or so). Still a total noob, though. I enjoy gaming in general, but I’m a big fan of MMOs; I’m casual in many aspects, including time commitment to games, but I’m very driven when it comes to being the best I can be at whatever class I’m playing.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is via Twitter; I’m available there as @stoppableforce.

I also have a general blog at savepoints.net; it’s a mix of gaming posts and interesting links, and even less relevant to your interests than this blog, probably.

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