Day 6: Favorite Team Makeup

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(This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 6: What pets have you got in your favourite team(s)?

Before I get started, I should note that while day 7 is the mods/addons post, I need to plug PetBattle Teams here. It’s just such a great addon for managing teams of pets - especially given the number of trainer fights in the game with radically different makeups requiring different teams, strategies, etc. I use PBT pretty extensively, and have a huge list of teams, but this is just a few of them.

  • My most recent team is a PvP team, which I’ve just dipped my toes into and had pretty good success with so far - 8 wins, 1 loss. That team makeup comes straight from Ratshag, and consists of the Fel Flame Azzinoth, a Lil’ Ragnaros named Basic Campfire, and Shimmerwing - a Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling with a breed that maximizes speed. The “Conflagrate bomb” may have taken a nerd, but it’s still pretty powerful (the ability to stack two different kinds of burning DoTs doesn’t hurt either).

  • My favorite place to level pets to 25 is in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which is populated almost entirely by aquatic pets (frogs, striders, water skimmers) and flying pets (mostly Effervescent Glowflies). So my team there has two constant members - Priscilla the Oasis Moth and a Nordrassil Wisp simply named Dead Night Elf, because let’s face it, it is - and the third member is whatever I’m trying to level at the time.

  • Of course, the other important thing you can find in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms is Grand Master Aki the Chosen; I used to be able to level on her while also doing the daily, but it seems like something on her team got a bit of a buff, so lately I’ve just settled on having a team to counter her three pets - Chirrup gets tackled by Lil’ Ratshag, my Kun-Lai Runt; Stormlash faces the sucker punch from an Anubisath Idol of Strife; and lastly, assuming Strife somehow dies to Whiskers, the mop-up spot is filled by a Mei Li Sparkler named Illumise.

  • Probably the most commonly-used team I have, though, is my captures team. This is the group that ensures I can still capture pets in the old world without one-shotting them. To that end, the most important member is Grumpy Gustavo, my Terrible Turnip. Slots two and three are usually filled by my Dark Whelpling, Atramentous, and my Darkmoon Zeppelin, the S.S. Huge Manatee. They don’t see a lot of play, though - the turnip does most of the work on that team.


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