Light, Tunnel, Etc.

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This time, it was so long between posts that I forgot how to operate Octopress. This is a bad trend; time to nip it in the bud.

What’s new?

  • I’m a troll now.

you come get da voodoo

Partly for the aesthetics and partly for the crazy burst DPS.

next time, Corv. NEXT TIME.

  • I’ve finished up several of the Pandaria reputations. It’s kind of amazing how much time some of those dailies took up. But now that I’m down to basically August Celestials and Dominance Offensive (and, uh, I guess the Anglers, but I’m not really working on them because I hate fishing) I’m left with lots of free time to do things like solo old raids and pet battle. I’ve put up a page about my enhancement soloing efforts, in fact!

  • TTGF is now 6/6 in Mogu’shan Vaults and 2/6 in Heart of Fear; we’re supposed to start working on Garalon tonight. I’m partly looking forward to it and partly thinking back to the first time I saw this fight. (What Rades didn’t tell you is that I’m one of the sad melee dead in those piles of pheromones.)

We’re also looking for some consistent DPSers, preferably ranged; Monday/Wednesday nights, 10pm EST/7pm PST.

  • Still don’t have a Sha-touched weapon. 11 Empress kills, used a coin on every single one, no weapon. Next time I go to Heart of Fear I’m just taking a knife and cutting her damn hand off.

look, ma, dragon


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