Making Scary Noises

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As an aficionado of video game sound, I was extremely pleased to see an article on Massively today regarding the sound of The Secret World - specifically, bringing one of the big nasties from the first ‘dungeon’ to life, the Ur-Draug. It’s a neat little glimpse into the howtos and the direction of voicing a Lovecraftian godlike creature from the deepest darkest seas.

The Secret World actually has some pretty nice sound design. The voices sound a little less ridiculous than in early betas (where I was not very impressed with the game), and the music and ambient sound set the Weird Reality theme without overpowering it. Not a game to be played on mute. (Then again, I think playing most games on mute is a travesty.)

Oh, and if you want to find me in-game, I’m actually pretty easy for once - for some reason, no one jumped on the nickname StoppableForce. Go figure. Extra bonus points if you correctly nail source of the first and last name (and no, they’re not my first and last name).

The Ur-Draug is one nasty-lookin' mofocka

(image: Ten Ton Hammer)


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