Now That's an Axe

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Zulfon 'wielding' Bloodmoon

I’ve been swapping between a few transmogrification weapons lately. I tend to go back to the Burning Crusade era, as some of the weapons that previously just looked outlandish and clowny now look kind of cool and exotic and just plain neat - heck, consider two-handed axes, the example I’m showing above - out of one expansion, we got the Crow Wing Reaper, the Axe of the Nexus-Kings, and The Blade of Harbingers. However, I had my sights set a little higher: namely, the pinnacle of axe-spec blacksmithing, Bloodmoon.

With a little help from my guildies tonight, as well as two straight hours of running around Outland sucking up clouds, I was able to pull it off, and now the weapon that goes with one of my almost-complete transmog sets (which Narci has been very patiently assembling for me because she is my transmog fairy) is complete, and it looks damn good. It’s like someone decided that what axes really needed was more axes. The fancy moon symbol is pretty neat, as well. What can I say - it’s just a fine-looking blade, and not one I’ve seen anyone else running around with (nor, for that matter, have I seen any Stunheralds lately). While I’m kind of sad that the specialization recipes are totally unlearnable now, I’m kind of happy that I have this pretty unique two-handed axe for transmogging purposes down the road - and that I can check one off of my list of end-of-expansion goals.


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