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The recurring mantra about betas is that the sum total of what you’re allowed to disclose under the non-disclosure agreement is this:

  1. There is a beta.

  2. I am in it.

Well, as such, it’s going to get a little quiet around here, because yes, there is a beta, and yes, I am in it, and therefore I’m bound by Bioware’s NDA. I’ll have to watch what I write here from now on to make sure I don’t accidentally slip in some fact that is under NDA and get myself kicked out - and so I’ll probably write less for a while.

Unrelated fun fact: the most oppressive NDA I ever tested under was Square-Enix’s NDA for Final Fantasy XIV, under which you were not allowed to acknowledge that you were in the beta, acknowledge that the beta existed, or acknowledge that the NDA existed.

I’ll still be available for non-SWTOR writings on Midboss, of course, and TSF will resume its usual lackadaisical posting schedule later on (whether that be non-NDA-violating posts, or posting after the NDA is lifted).


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