No, I Didn't Start Playing WoW Again

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Believe me, I almost did. But it lasted for all of two days. Barring some kind of radical change in the game that drags me back again, WoW and I are finished. It was an amicable breakup, at least. But now, I don’t even have any characters left - after a hacking attempt gone wrong because nothing seems to have vanished - and World of Warcraft and I are done with.

So is this a Rift blog? ‘Fraid not. I still haven’t reached max level even once, believe it or not. I’m probably going to get there first on my mage…but I said that about my warrior, too…and my cleric. Regardless, there’s another game that’s going to snatch my attention from Rift coming out later this year…

No, this is for something else. As Llanion pointed out to me, the name of this blog is at least still moderately appropriate for a Star Wars: The Old Republic blog. And while I still haven’t gotten into the beta - pretty standard state of affairs for me, all things considered - I can wildly speculate with the best of them, and gleefully snap up info as it’s tossed to us by Bioware.

So, without further ado, welcome to The Stoppable Force 2.0: a SWTOR blog!


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