Tell Me About Your Guild Bank

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pic courtesy of WowwikiThat way I know who to come ninja from.


But I have to admit, I’m curious how other people organize their guild banks.

Until last night, BLU had exactly 1 tab; thanks to Vander’s contribution by his newly-joined DK, we now have all but one. Previously the very silly “I Haz a Tab” with an icon of a shark seemed sufficient, but now I guess I should figure out a way to actually use this stuff.

However, I’ve never actually been in charge of running a guild with a guild bank that didn’t belong to solely me, so I figure I’d turn to people who know better.

Help me out here:

  • What does your guild put into each tab? Is it organized? Carefully partitioned? Or is it just a messy, chaotic free-for-all?

  • What kinds of rights does your guild have on each tab? Can anyone withdraw a certain number of stacks per day? No one but officers? No one but the guild leader?

  • For bonus points: do you have any particularly amusing tab icons or names?


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