CYOA: I'm on a Horse

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WoWScrnShot_082710_010420 Level 20! It took a little while, because I was waiting on someone to join me on her mage and make those first 20 non-button-pressing, non-mount-having levels less tedious, but work schedules and working on some silly gaming site got in the way, so I bravely forged ahead!

Things I’ve learned:

  • It takes a while before paladins are ready to tank, doesn’t it? Sure, you could charge into the dungeon finder at 15 with nothing to your name but Righteous Defense and a Judgement or two, but with Hand of Reckoning at 16, Righteous Fury at 18, and Consecration at 20, it really seems like they’re supposed to just chill and plow through quests.

  • And plow through quests I did, especially once I picked up Hand of Reckoning. If I HoR and Judge a mob, it’s half-dead by the time it even gets to me. Thanks to various mini-bubbles, BoA gear, and those two buttons, I’ve done every group quest in the Ghostlands solo save for one - I knocked over Knucklerot and Luzran, and lopped off Kel’gash’s head, but I haven’t tried taking on Dar’khan Drathir yet. Besides, I’ve got plenty of quests to do.

  • Mounts make everything better.

  • “Lament of the Highborne” is still awesome.

So, I’ve got just a few quests to mop up in the Ghostlands - I believe I’ve got a few trolls left to wipe out, the quests to push those nosy night elves back out, and then it’s off to Deatholme to free prisoners, kill enemies, and take out Dar’khan too. I haven’t quite maxed out my engineering for this level; it’s at something like 147, mostly due to the serious lack of tin in the Ghostlands. I’ve found two veins the entire time I’ve been there. Two. So it’ll be off to somewhere else next…

so where should that somewhere else be? When I stopped by the Undercity briefly to drop off Sylvanas’ trinket, I checked in with Ambassador Sunsorrow and he wanted to punt me off to Tarren Mill - but I’m open to suggestions. I’ll need something to do between queuing for instances, after all.

While you figure out where to send me, here’s some more screenshots.


Smelt, smelt, smelt… snore.


Oh look, it’s Tart’s mage! And our adorable minipets. BLU represent!


I don’t know why I’m sitting in this wagon, but… there you go.


Action shot! Take that, arcane reaver.


This screenshot is now diamonds!


A little Lament of the Highborne for you.


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