Choose Your Own Adventure--actually, Choose Mine

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cyoa-coversSo some people, I’m sure, are still merrily plugging along on their Kingslayer title, or hardmodes, or what-have you. Not me. I do have plans for BLU, but none of them involve killing Arthas.

A lot of people are in the beta. Not me, I’m part of the small unwashed masses deemed unworthy of a beta key.

Nope, I’m spending my time farming achievements and leveling alts.

And that, my friends, is where you come in.

Taking a page from’s book, pick a race and class for me to level and I’ll blog about it because, hell, it could be fun. Here’s the conditions:

  • No death knights (can’t roll a second one, anyway), warlocks, or shamans (I have both those classes at 74, and will scoot them to 80 in good time). Everything else is fair game.

  • No Alliance toons. Just, no. However, I like all the Horde races, so orcs, trolls, blood elves, tauren, and Forsaken are all fair game.

Outside of that, suggest away. I’ve got heirlooms for just about any class, so there’s not one I’m going to shy away from leveling.

FINAL EDIT: Here’s the standings as of 7:45 PM EST Sunday. This is now the final tally, and it looks like I’ll be rolling a blood elf paladin…

  • Forsaken rogue: 8

  • Troll hunter: 1

  • Blood elf priest: 2

  • Tauren hunter: 1

  • Blood elf hunter: 1

  • Troll priest: 1

  • Tauren druid: 2

  • Blood elf paladin: 13

  • Forsaken priest: 1

  • Troll rogue: 2


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