A Touch of Burnout

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/laughThat goofy looking orange-mohawked troll is Zabrajin, my troll shaman, and right now leveling him the rest of the way to 80 is the only thing I really want to do in World of Warcraft.

Which puts me in a bit of a bind, since technically I’m still an officer member of a 25-man raiding guild on the Alliance side on my Death Knight, but I can’t raid 25s because they’re on the weekend, I can’t really raid 10s for two more weeks because I’m going to be working basically until raid start time (and after that I’m going to want to fall over dead into bed, and the raids are a bit too late for that), and frankly the idea of logging in to throw myself at Arthas in 10s during the week kind of makes me want to not log in at all.

Hence why I put myself as tentative for the next two weeks of raids. I even feel bad about doing that; Caffeine has had a bit of a top-level shakeup lately, and I can’t help but feel I’m somewhat abandoning the new GM and other officers… but I can’t even bring myself to log in.

This weekend, for instance, I:

  • went to a used bookstore (and bought $36 worth of paperbacks)

  • played Persona 3 Portable, Dragon Quest IX, and Team Fortress 2

  • watched Warehouse 13 (thank God it’s back)

  • thought about logging into WoW, then didn’t

I didn’t really get that end-of-expansion burnout thing at the end of TBC, but by God, I’m feeling it now.


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