Clearly, I Need an Addon for My Addons

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WoWScrnShot_051910_002304Oh, how I love my configurable UI. I think it’s pretty obvious by now how much I love having freedom to move, enhance, and sculpt my user interface to fit most situations. However, there’s a lot of cruft that just doesn’t need to be on all the time. Hence, a need for an addon for my addons.

I’ve been using ACP (Addon Control Panel) to turn on and off addons, and only recently began playing with its Addon Sets functionality… and here’s where we run into problems.

  • Turning off an addon turns it off for everyone. I don’t want to turn off Auctioneer for all my alts - my banker still needs it - I just want to have a set with it off.

  • Saving sets are buggy as hell. For instance: PallyPower, used for a now-gone alt on a different server, was turned off by default. Whenever I make a set? It turns itself back on in the saved configuration. It got to the point where I had to delete it because it refused to stay off.

  • Loading sets is equally buggy. Half the time, loading a set will turn all my addons on. Thanks, but I don’t need VuhDo, TotemTimers, and PallyPower on my death knight, surprising as it may seem.

So … while ACP is still good for turning on or off one or two addons at a time, or managing addons manually, it is absolute ass for trying to manage groups of addons. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better addon to herd cats manage my addons in-game?

Update: Below, Gryphonheart suggested I try TooManyAddons. It does exactly what I want and does it well; it’s probably a good thing when my only gripe about the addon is that I can’t easily rename sets of addons from in-game. Thanks, Gryph!


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