Enormous Dragons Rescued: 1/1 (Quest Complete)

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Alright, up you go. On your way now. Seeya, Dragon-lady.

That, I found, is Blizzard’s official terminology for it in the activity log: Valithria Dreamwalker rescues. Good to know, we’d been wondering what to call it. Wiped out all of Lower Spire + Plagueworks (including one-shotting Putricide) in the first 90 minutes last night, then went over and 2-shot Valithria, a fight we hadn’t seen before (in no small part thanks to the druid on the right there walking us through it - he’s Dantesparda, one of our many many new people; we suddenly have a full and lively guild at almost all times, it’s so awesome), then went over and pummeled the Princes into the pavement despite the entire East Coast suddenly disconnecting and taking a big chunk of our guild with it - and leaving the ones that could get back on with enormous lag. I think whatever happened, it was even affecting the Midwest - you can see my latency is at 516ms there. It jumped from 96 to 516 at some point prior to Valithria and stayed there last night, and was still there this morning in fact.

Also, another Fine Moment in Caffeine Raiding™, brought to you by Aelrict.


I love these folks.


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