I Have My Orders

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Big Red Heimdall sez, “UPDATE YOUR DAMN BLOG!” And so, a screenshot post. I’ve got a couple months worth, this could be fun. As always, click to embiggen, or hover to read snarky alt text..

Oh shit, a big red paladin.

First up, one of my favorite sights in WoW: a dead Rotface. As of last night, Caffeine has officially put him on farm status. :)

We brokes-ded it.

Before leaving Kael’thas, I did finally (finally) get my last book for Higher Learning. I’ve since ran into at least four people doing some, uh, adult RPing in the Archmage’s room.

And you don't even want to know what they had the Archmage doing.

I also went and sat on the throne in Blackrock Depths. Think that’s enough to declare myself king?

Wait, does that mean I have to marry Moira?

This is how I get psyched to fight Deathbringer Saurfang.

A cat is fine, too.

Noticed while leveling my baby warrior: is it just me, or does that tower in the distance kinda look like…? Naaaah, couldn’t be.

Okay, it's pretty much a phallus.

Truthfully I don’t know why I took this one. I think it’s because it was raining in Stratholme? Either way. It might make a good blog header, if I cropped it a bit…

Stratholme is like the cover of a 70s heavy metal album. Raining blood, spikes and skulls everywhere...

Or perhaps I should edit it to showcase King Ymiron’s taste in art.

He actually has a couple of these. He won't miss just one...


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