On Shadowmourne and Raiding (or Lack Thereof)

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shadowmourneSo word on the street is that Shadowmourne finally has stats. Sexy, sexy stats. And, yeah, it breaks my heart a little bit to know that I’ll never have a Shadowmourne, or that my shaman will never have a Val’anyr, and I’ll probably never see Arthas unless I’m running away from him.

The closest analogy I can think of is that it’s like running into an ex. Yeah, me and 25-man raiding had some good times, there’s no denying that. But raiding just wanted more than I could give at that point in my life, so we took a break - and when I came back, raiding had moved on without me. So I went somewhere else, trying to forget about raiding. I mean, occasionally I still see 25-man raiding’s younger easier sister, 10-man, and we hang out, it’s all cool. But 25-man gave me something I didn’t really know I wanted until now.

I’m seeing someone new instead - casual, you might’ve heard of it. Real nice group of people hang out with casual, too. But sometimes, I wonder if maybe I never should’ve left raiding at all.


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