How I Joust

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I’ve seen a lot of people talking jousting lately - people who are just now getting to the tournament level, people who’ve hated jousting all along, people who actually refuse to do Trial of the Champion because it involves a short joust at the beginning… and realized a lot of the frustration stems from the fact that the instructions you get on how to joust aren’t really all that great. Stationary targets are fine and all, but what about when the target fights back? And moves?

This is a short example video of how I joust. It may not be the greatest demonstration in the world, but it should give you an idea what I do. Barring the few times I’ve mysteriously gotten 2500ms+ ping, or down in Icecrown when I accidentally tagged 3 Commanders at once (ouch…), I boast a 100% success rate.

Jousting? Yeah, I got that.

I’ll add this note for Nibuca’s sake: a few people have told me they don’t “get” strafing. It’s also probably true that what I do isn’t strictly strafing - it’s a combination of strafing and mouse movement. Anyhow, for those of you who still have your movement bound to the default keys, Q strafes left and E strafes right - moving you left and right without actually turning. It’s great for getting at range from someone.

For those of you using the n52 or n52te, with movement bound to either the keys or the joystick, you can simulate the leftward movement I do in the beginning of the video by moving the joystick/keys left while mouse-moving to the right - it ends up with a pseudo-strafe rotation that still leaves you facing your opponent (even if it doesn’t look like you are). The right movement is exactly the reverse - joystick/keys right, mouse move left.


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