Things Done This Weekend

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1) Saw Ony, finally. No one got breathed on, and I got a thing or two.

2) Got other upgrades, mostly from badges and ToC and suchlike. Is all good, but paying for enchants and gems is getting old.

3) Got Kallech ready to run Sunken Temple, then do one last leveling sprint in vanilla.

4) Grinded pirates for 4 or 5 hours. Noticeable progress made!

5) Completely invalidated all my numbers on pirates (some of which were wrong anyway due to a miscalculation about when the rep stopped - right BEFORE revered, not just AFTER revered) by changing Rajaat to a human for the duration of the rest of Insane in the Membrane. Bleh. Not super-happy about it, as humans in WoW are kind of… well, bland… but I think I’ll get more mileage out of Every Man for Himself and the expertise racials (and, of course, Diplomacy). I dunno. We’ll see if I stay that way or not - maybe being human will grow on me.


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