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Nothing really extraordinary going on, just progress in fits and spurts. A brief rundown…

  • Have just about completed moving the alts I have any interest in playing over to the Sidhe Devils on Kael’thas. My warrior made the trip today, while my warlock made the trip earlier and is forced to (shudder) spend some time as a gnome, because he can’t be a damned werewolf yet and I just don’t really like humans. Soon… soon!

    • Fun fact, on this note: faction transferring gets you every flight point in Northrend that doesn’t need to be unlocked. He who had never left Howling Fjord suddenly has FPs in every part of Northrend, excluding (as I said) ones that have to be unlocked - Sons of Hodir, Shadow Vault, and so on.
  • Been playing my rogue a lot, too. I’m leveling her up to 60+ so I have a pocket pickpocketer (see what I did there?) and, as a personal challenge, am leveling her in the battlegrounds. It’s a little bit slow at times (do not ever seek a Warsong Gulch after 1AM server time unless you feel like getting roflstomped) but at least it’s fun. And sometimes, the achievements just roll in:

WoWScrnShot_100809_215015 WoWScrnShot_100809_215254
WoWScrnShot_100809_220302 WoWScrnShot_100809_220735

And yeah, my big thing, as shown to the left side of the blog (if you haven’t visited, you really should), is that I’m currently working on Insane in the Membrane. It’s time-occupying, but it’s really not hard, and after awhile grinding through Dire Maul repeatedly just gets to be automatic. I think I’m killing ogres on muscle memory at this point. It’s why I need a rogue.

* Getting exalted with Shen'dralar is actually proving _easier_ than freeing Knot enough times to get goblin rep. At this rate, even if I turn in a crapton of Ogre Tannin for ogre suits, I'm STILL going to end up exalted with the book nerd elves well before I do the goblins. I'm going to end up grinding pirates or Venture Company mobs anyway, I can already see it in my future. 
  • In real life, I’ve been planning my Halloween costume with my roommate (it’s awesome), and preparing songlists for his big birthday bash in November. I also just celebrated my own birthday (much drinking of the alcohols occurred, and then my roommate and I attended a kickass Jay-Z concert), and have rounded the corner into 27. So far, it feels a lot like most of the years previous. I also need to do an update of my game progress page, as a lot of things have been updated or finished, and primarily if I’m at a console, I’m busy failing miserably at Demon’s Souls for the PS3. It’s Nintendo Hard (and even that might be too mild a term), and yet I haven’t found myself wanting to ragequit it and sell it back or trade it to a friend.


So what’ve you been up to?


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