Brewfest, More Like Screwfest

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So I woke up early this morning, thinking before I left for work I could finish off the Brewfest achievements and be Brewmaster Rajaat. A word of warning to anyone who was planning to save 250 tokens by buying the full Brewfest Garb in order to complete Disturbing the Peace, then selling the clothing back within 2 hours for a refund: don’t bother. I don’t know if it hasn’t worked since the beginning of the week, or if it was a hotfix or something with the Ony patch, but it no longer works may no longer work EDIT: I may have just gotten screwed. Thanks, Blizzard. As soon as I completed the achievement, my Brewfest Garb became nonrefundable. (Well, to be fair, my hat already was. I bought it early in the week.)

Hey, guess what? Yeah, it’s just me. My stuff can’t be sold back but plenty of other people can. Fanfuckingtastic.

So, yeah… 10 tokens. Now to ram race and daily quest my way back to 200 for the Brew of the Month Club, and 100 after that for the pink elekk. I should be able to get it done in 6 days or so, assuming I don’t get boned out of a full ram ride like I did last night.

Oh well. At least I have my other new title to keep me warm at night. And, uh, titled.

well, technically also "Rajaat of the Exodar," but blah on that title


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