Life Continues Apace

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lifecerealAnd so life continues on, as it is wont to do. I’ve actually been up to quite a bit of stuff, just not sure how much of it is blogworthy. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s my blog, it’s all blogworthy. Here goes, in no particular order:

  • I don’t know why but I’ve been bitten by the urge to buy a home. Probably a condo, as I’d like to stay in this area and that seems more likely to be in my budget range. However, before I can even think about doing that, I need to refinance my car loan - the initial interest rate was utterly atrocious because I had no credit whatsoever, and surely I can find a better rate by now - it’s been a year. Surely.

  • More people have gotten married off - a lot of people seem to be doing that of late… best wishes, Cassie and Jim, and thanks for the fantastic wedding. The roof of a museum definitely takes the cake for best place I’ve been at for a 20-minute wedding, and the reception was no slouch.

  • Some progress made on HPWP. Definitively finished off King of Fighters XII, Treasure Planet, and (since it ended…) the Champions Online Closed Beta. Started Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace, and Shadow of the Colossus. All good picks on my part, if I do say so myself.

  • Weekly D&D nights have turned into … well, a different game every week, with a rotating “person in charge.” Our former DM (George) is now going to be running Millenium’s End, which I know next to nothing about; one of our players (Zach) is running a board game night; another player (Vince) is running a Pathfinder campaign, and I… have absolutely no idea what I want to do. Gack! I had been joking to Zach that I might try running people through the World’s Largest Dungeon, but I can’t find a place to get my hands on that 880-page (!) monstrosity. I’ve got no ideas!

  • I’ve been bitten by the bug to get a “real” laptop. I have an Acer Aspire One netbook at the moment, but it has a tiny rattling noise from being carted around in my bag that I fear is probably a screw of some kind loose inside the case. Doesn’t seem to show any negative effects yet… but it’s only a matter of time. That, and the tiny screen bugs me a whole lot more than I anticipated it did, as does the utterly shitty touchpad on the Aspire One.

  • A friend of mine from M3 is starting up a Persona-based MU* and lemme tell you friends, I could not be more excited about that. Actually very excited about the re-releases of Persona and Persona 3 for PSP, though I have to wonder where the heck the inevitable Persona 2 re-releases are - we only got one part here in America (which I still have, along with P1, thankyouverymuch), and surely we could get both of them over here now…?

  • Oh, and I’ve been madly gobbling up every piece of FFXIV-related news I can find from Eorzeapedia and FFXIV.ZAM, and again, excitement meter is capped out. I just hope I haven’t fizzled out by the time the game appears next year… of course, I’ve been avoiding the rampant speculation on the forums and really subsisting on Square Enix’s slow IV drip of news, so it’s more of a steady excitement.

  • And last but not least, graduate classes have started again, what with it being fall. I’m taking a “computation and logic” course which frankly scares the shit out of me, because the undergrad version of this same course was my worst experience in all of my undergraduate career, and I barely squeaked by with the minimum C. Of course, this appears to be more straightforward logic, which - well, logic is my strong suit, at least symbolic logic. My focus in my philosophy degree (trivia: I have a philosophy degree) was logic, and I helped goad a professor into introducing an advanced logic course into the curricula. Shame it didn’t work out.


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