Not Terribly Final

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Obviously, the only logical thing to do now that I’ve been linked to by is to, of course, blog about something that’s not WoW. (Of course, to be fair, they linked to the bacon sandwich post. So we’re already off to a rockin’ start.)


Vaguely spurred on by Faulsey, boredom, and nostalgia, and not finding the inspiration to rejoin WoW (seriously, I’ve been following all the news about WoW closely… and still have no urge to re-up my account, in case someone was hoping), I decided to head back to my first MMO love: Final Fantasy XI. I’m playing at a casual (some would say ‘glacial’) pace, and a number of things have changed since I last played (two years ago!), but here we are.

Let’s take a little retrospective into my history with this game, along with a list of things it does very, very right, and a list of things it does very, very wrong (that hopefully they’ll fix up in Final Fantasy XIV). Just as a warning, this post turned out a lot more enormous than I anticipated.


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